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Friday, April 17, 2015

my painted pony collage ~ sunblossom is here!

hello ~

"he's here...  he's here!"

those were  the very words i exclaimed as i ran from the pasture into my parent's house early one morning... after having checked on our paint mare, "spook" who was due to foal any day that spring morning back in 1970.  i was so incredibly excited to find my dream come true ~ that pretty little foal had arrived ... at last!  i'd waited what seemed like forever for a horse of my own!  

so, while back in 1970, that sweet little foal was born a "he" and i named him "echo" ... this little foal has much the same feel for me!  not a "he" but a "she" and her name is sun blossom!  

"she's here... she's here!"

and so i chose a backdrop of a sunrise colored, hand dyed fabric for my sweet baby filly's arrival... 
and some bobbin quilted daisies ... and a bit of silver beads done by machine beading for an extra special glow...
 butterfly kisses on cute little curious soft noses..

and ummm, yes... hot pink "fluorescent" thread in magnifico, as well as razzle dazzle, king tut and masterpiece were all put to fabulous play on this darlin' ~ all by superior threads, {of course!}

and yes... i've spent many hours developing the pattern, too! it will be ready later next week, and i'm offering it at a 20% discount if you pre-order by next friday, april 24th.  {code BLOSSOM20} in my etsy store}
happy dear friday!
i'm so excited!
i pray you enjoy all the blessings of new life, and {more} springtime loves today!  i'm so grateful for mine...
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

montana high prairie spring ~

hello ~

we're all ready for spring in the great northern plains, and we have had some lovely bright days in between lots of wind, and lately a bit of snow.  but oh the spring green of new crops, and bright blue skies!

this one day was spectacular, and i enjoyed getting out on a mini-roadtrip to take some photos.

i'm also amused at the fencelines... taking in the furballs!  i know... sounds so goofy, doesn't it?  but there is just something that draws my interest as the cattle love rubbing against this "side-scratcher" of barbed wire!

and then those classic "shoot-em-up" signs... sigh.  why they must be shot at, i'm not sure... but it does make for an interesting texture??!  lol.  {not really!}

and green pastures... painted ponies!  sweet blooming pussy willows.  sure signs of spring.  love.  love.  love.  

at any rate... i hope you enjoy my photo-log of a day out in the sunshine!

enJoy this day!
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

pillow collage design love ~

hello ~

just to share with ya'll today, a bit more of my love in designing these fun pillows using my floral shapes and collage.

for any of you who've been reading the blog for awhile, you'll not be surprised to see the addition of words... these are little labels i've had in my stash, and these particular ones were printed on organza.  i also love to use the ones made by a company called 'sweetwater scrapbook' {on etsy}.

and of course, butterflies...

i like to start by placing two large flowers, in the upper round corners in the pillow, and then fill in... and this time i added a giant sunflower to the tip.  this one is big! about 6-7 inches across.  i love the look!
and a simple envelope back in the coordinating batik fabric that is on the front.

this is pillow #2:

 and i add a bit more presence and accent by free motion stitching in black thread around the words, and any other motifs i want to accentuate...

 i finished this one with binding 
instead of just turning right sides out... 
my favorite! 

and speaking of favorites... 
thanks for stopping by!
blessings on your day today!
soli deo gloria!

Monday, April 13, 2015

spring sweet treats ~

good monday morning friends ~

it's been a flurry of activity, i'm sure, for many.  teaching classes. easter.  easter eggs, and how about those first blooms of spring!  the flowers have me so absolutely captivated.  how about you?!

i have been keeping an eye peeled for these gorgeous delicate hyacinth blooms, that delicious bright spring green we seem to crave... as seen from our local beautiful park, paris gibson...
and my favorite furry purple crocus!  they were not quite fully blooming, but they were spectacular...
He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed!!  Thank you Lord!
oh yes.  collage.  never too far from my mind these days.  and i'm so happy to continue to teach this popular class!!  they've been so much fun. if you have a few minutes and would like to be inspired by my student's lovely creations, check out The Quilt Away's facebook page!

and... i'm ever so very excited about my next piece. here's a bit of a sneak peek of my from my design table:
and such a pretty easter table with sparkly goodness. we had such a beautiful celebration sharing the joy of life and the sweet fellowship of family in Christ:
and... look at these adorable baby jackets! my friend annette's creations... she's so good with the details... take them in, and be inspired!  
the denim and patchwork... now that just sings to me of cuteness!
and i'm loving her whimsical free motion play on the back of each jacket!  
wooden buttons ... a classic style that is never out of trend!
how about those plaid pockets and... oooh!  those buttons with the cute little bit of red thread or yarn?!!

it's the "cute as a button"  baby jacket pattern by jackie clark!

and i had the sweet blessing of celebrating a birthday this early april, too!  i was blessed my many lovely greetings, on social media, and just look at this funny card!  it's one of my favorite birthday cards everrrr!
happy spring y'all!!
be blessed.
be amazing.
be in His peace.
"you will keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on you,
 because he trusts in You.
Trust in the Lord forever, 
for He is everlasting strength."
Isaiah 26:3-4
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

my first eight-month old photo session ~ matthew

hi folks ~

oh gosh. a beautiful spring day.  

a precious eight-month old baby.  

big bold blue skies.

sweet chubby cheeks and nothin' but miles of smiles! definitely a picture perfect day!  what fun!

what a blessing to have the time and freedom to pursue my candid family photography business and getting to practice it on this little boy!  i took his newborn photos, and now ~ get ready for a load of cuteness!!   

what a happy boy.  growing up so big. {so fast!}

oh.  my.  goodness!
GO!  Cats!  {Montana State University Bobcats}

"maybe someday?!"

"surveying future options..."

"it's all good!"

psalm 139:14 "i praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

soli deo gloria


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