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Saturday, November 21, 2015

sir frosty ~ a merry old soul ~ newest collage pattern

hello everyone!

yes!  i'm excited about my latest collage pattern, "sir frosty!"  he's a jolly old soul, dontcha know?!  a classic childhood memory, created in collage...

the pattern is now available in the etsy shop, right here... and at a 25% discount for a limited time ~ until December 5th. that goes for any pattern, too!!  {this pattern is $20, which means $5 off}.  coupon code:  FROSTY25.  

update: in fact, heck, let's just have a big sale: everything in the store at 25% off, minimum purchase of $20!  {coupon code FROSTY25, until december 5th}

this is a smaller collage pattern, overall, so you can do this in time for the holiday, as a decoration in your home, or as a gift, too.  the overall size is 25" wide x 32" long.

and you know, {if you read my blog in the past}, that i love to add special little treats with all my etsy orders... and this is no exception!  as part of this pattern promotion, to each order, i'm including two, pre-fused, and pre-cut ~ the sweet little "eyebrow flowers" that add so much to his special "gentle old soul" look!

and how much would it be to add even more charm to his, by using a loved one's plaid or flannel shirt, plaid wools, or even a beautiful velvet for the scarf?  make it personal.  make it charming.  make it a fun memory, too.

of course, i add lots of hints and tips in all my patterns, including free motion and my binding tips.

for those of you who love to support the local quilt shops, this pattern is available at my favorite quilt shop here in great falls, too.

happy thanksgiving, and thank you to all of you who come by and read the blog, i appreciate you!!

soli deo gloria!

Friday, November 20, 2015

cuddle up with a batik beauty on the prairie ~ {and it's for sale}

good morning my friends out there in bogland ~
happpppy friday!

yes... another "old" quilt top, from the good ol' ufo pile ~ is finished!!!  i do love how it turned out, and i'm so tickled to be able to do this on my new mid-arm.  feels so good! and i was also very excited to photograph it against the beautiful backdrop of the highwood mountains last weekend. always a perfect way to add color and drama in an otherwise slightly cloudy november day.  and the same is true when one cuddles up with it!! {this one is for sale, too and if anyone is interested, by contacting me directly, i can offer it at a lower price}  :)

i'm really putting my bernina mid-arm q20 to the test, and i can tell already, my stitching is much nicer than when i first began.  this is a fairly large quilt; 67" x 78" as i decided to add borders to it, as i couldn't wait to use a couple new fabrics, so what better way than to add them to this glorious collection of batik scraps in this quilt!

although the mid-arm comes with {two} bernina stitch regulators {aka "bsr"} i have chosen to use "my own" built-in stitch regulator of my hands and eyes!  {a novel concept i know!}  yes, the "bar" is quite nice, have no doubt.  but!  i want to be able to hone my free motion skills, and there is a time and place for everything... under the quilting needle!
this is a classic feather, with a bit of scallop surrounding it, and i quilted this in an all-over pattern ~ love the look of it!  i also used a variegated thread; this time a king tut, 40 wt, extra long staple cotton, with masterpiece 50 wt in the bobbin, another extra long staple cotton.  they just get along so very well together!  and, yes, in case you're wondering, the mid-arm has what is called an "m class" bobbin case, so it's fairly large, and holds lots of thread.  i also have a stitch counter, which i am using, which is an interesting feature.  i am amazed at how many stitches i take!  and i'm keeping track on each quilt i quilt.  the stitch total on this beauty?  it was 208,855!  

the prettiest shots of this quilt  were taken outside in the natural light, showing off it's real beauty in the great outdoors!

and our girls love it too!  of course, what they really love is their morning coffee {with creamer} ~ hey, who could blame them?  they know the good stuff!!
blessings abundant upon your day wherever you are,
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

checkerboard squares ~ finished on my bernina mid arm q20

morning everyone ~

i posted about this beauty; the quilt top i pieced this past summer season... so beautiful with the kaffe fasset shot cottons, stripes and plaids.  it was a very windy day, and i had such fun taking the photos of it... looking at them again reminds me of the poem, "all things bright and beautiful" as it hangs in the august sunlight:

and i was very excited to take it and get started quilting it on the mid arm, my bernina q20}:

i decided to change the quilted motif from large, soft round swirls to big pointy sun-like points surrounding it.  it's really a challenge for my brain to go from soft to sharp edges, but by the end of it... i got pretty good at it!

a bit funky at times, but ya gotta start somewhere!  for batting, i used "dream orient" from the company "quilters dream batting."  this batting is made from a blend of bamboo, silk, cotton and botanic tercel fibers.  smooth. {no scrim!!}  and you can stitch up to 8" apart.   a luxury batting no question! and i love quilting with it.  for those of you who may not know what scrim is, it's the very fine, loose netting-type stuff that holds the batting fibers together, but this company has developed a batting that doesn't use it.  thankfully!  and it's about time.  scrim can really cause thread/tension issues if you don't know which side it's on, {i always tried to place it back side down when quilting} but it was so dang hard to tell which side it was on, and well... who needs that?

and ... almost there... nearly finished!  one of the {many} features i love about my mid-arm, is that it uses ALL of my bernina feet!  no extra stuff to buy/start over with.  and the presser foot raises with just the tap of my heel on the foot pedal, just like the other bernina's i've owned.  yay!
we enjoyed this pretty little darling as part of the  autumn decorations in our home, {until it recently sold ~ thank you so much}.   
now... time to replace it ~  next quilt top up is a 'ufo' from over ten years ago, and several special custom orders.  i can't wait!  love that my 'piles are an endless exchange of up and down!

here's to the quilts that finish, and to those that are begun ~  have a blessed day!

soli deo gloria.

Monday, November 16, 2015

les fleurs and big projects ~ quilting and dreaming big!

morning glories ~ 

happy monday!

oh goodness.  and i really mean that... learning to quilt, manipulate, and create smooth stitching on larger quilts utilizing my new bernina q20 mid-arm has been a great adventure!  

and first, i'd like to mention that one of the features this little machine "brings to the table" is that it can translate easily... into a longarm.  one of my goals!  while i didn't have the "shekels" to purchase a long arm, this baby can do that to.  all i need do is lift it off the table, and put it on a longarm frame.  which i intend to do... someday!  {baby steps}

in the meantime, i'm quilting very large quilts {for me anyway} and this is "les fleurs" ~ about 80 x 90" dimensionally ~ by special request from a good friend who designed this quilt pattern, and created the hand dyed fabric too.  very pretty!

in the next couple posts, i'll share some other large quilts i've finished lately, and speak to my experience with some new batting choices lately, too.  

in the meantime, i've taken the first steps for creating my new website!!  one of my long term goals when i retired.  while   joy and excitement come with this decision, it also brings just a tad bit of terror!  lol  a very big step for me, and i'm looking forward with joy to integrating the blog, the store, and hopefully online classes too.  when?   february of 2016!  pretty exciting adventures await!!  :)     


somehow i managed to lose the full size picture of the quilt, but inch by inch, i learned, and stitched, and stitched and learned {more}.  love it!

have a glorious day!
soli deo gloria

Monday, November 9, 2015

a collage table runner for thanksgiving

hi all ~ wow... our american thanksgiving is coming so quickly upon us!

well... i've been keeping my nose to the grindstone, well, actually to the sewing needle!  and, recently, i've been dedicating some major quilting time to learning my new bernina q20 mid-arm, sit-down, quilting machine, and i love every minute!   i've taken on a few select custom quilting order quilting large-size quilts, and it's been a fun adventure! i'll show some of those shots, later...

and... while i've not had time to get high quality {from the 'good' camera} photos and edits for the blog, i do enjoy showing my 'in process' photos via social media, on my instagram account, and facebook on my convenient little iphone!  it's always fun to share!

today's project is once again, going back to "the stash" and creating a thanksgiving-themed runner, this time though, a different shape. it's a pretty oval, perfect for any thanksgiving decorating or tablescape you might want to use it for!  i used my basic collage tablerunner pattern to create this beauty!

this pretty one is hanging at the quiltAway shop for another class, coming in december:

and i'm keeping very active, teaching my favorite things, too! while i am doing some limited travel in the state to teach i am also busy prepping for classes here in great falls, at my favorite shop, the quiltAway:
a very fun opportunity to hear how i quilt my collages, where i share lots of tips on manipulating the quilt sandwich, and quilting motifs, showing how to get that collage completely finished, layered up and quilted, with tips on how to finish binding, too!

and i've added a great BASIC class, where knowledge of tension, needle and threads will help you not only sew garments, but into the piecing of a quilt as well as free motion quilting, too!  lots of great info and handouts will be shared.
and we've added another "create collage" class for december 2nd and 3rd {a tuesday/wednesday} upon request!  you get to pick the pattern you want, and put together a beautiful collage using pretty florals and prints.

happy monday folks!
best to you this day, and into the week!
soli deo gloria!

Friday, October 30, 2015

student collage works ~

happy friday everyone ~

i've learned so much from teaching collage... and i wanted to show you some of the fabulous creations from a few willing students from my last couple classes... they are fabulous!

and today and tomorrow will be the last day to get any collage pattern from my etsy shop, at a 25% discount, {code GLORY25}.  and thank you!!

first up, the "paisley bear" - a pattern from laura heine. i love the colors this student chose; so rich and vibrant, but not overly bright either.  i love the spark of aqua green particularly!  
and another version, which i would never have thought of!  halloween "my cup overflows" which is one of my own patterns.  again... how cool!  i love how she made it into one of her alltime seasonal favorite, halloween style.
and another fall sensation!  love the reddish browns, and the pop of blue in the background!!
and who doesn't love a few sweetwater labels?  {not me!}

and the "sun blossom" painted pony.  i'm sure liking the pink, burgundy and dark teal.  {sweet!}

and the frosting on the cake is always seeing the smiles as students start to grab the technique, and loving what they create!!  {awesome!}

bless your weekend, and keep those smiles coming!
soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

bobcat prowl ~ my new collage pattern!

good morning folks ~

here he is.  several students and customers have asked about "when i was going to do a bobcat?" well, here it is:   my montana bobcat collage, titled "bobcat prowl."  he's right at home, and on the hunt in  "the bob" ~ that's the montana nickname for the Bob Marshall Wilderness area in the rocky mountains.  as a young kid, we went into the area by horseback. great memories for me!

and so he is inspired from blue and gold. {of course ~ the msu bobcat colors}.  i collaged him with not only blues and golds, but a bit of brown and black, and a splash of beige and a bobbed tail in white as well as the round cheeks.  fun!!  the dark navy-ish and royal blue night sky makes a great background in this wintery scene as the cat is on the hunt, and sauntering through some snowy drifts, too!  

and for quilting, just two thread choices; a magnifico polyester in blue, and a razzle dazzle in sapphire blue {a dark navy, really} to add a touch of glow and light to the dark night evening.

i finished with a curvy bottom, and the binding is a "cat eye" type of fabric {as i call it} ~ a nice touch in gold, and it's all cut on the bias.

my new pattern of course, like all the others, can be found locally, in great falls at the quilt-away and also at the sewing palace bernina in helena {love our local shops}... and in my etsy store, too. and you can get it on SALE for 25% off ~ still!  hurry, only until november 1st.  coupon code:  GLORY26.

thank you for your support!  i am so very appreciative, and it is my great pleasure and honor to do so!  i love to add something special to each order, and i am so blessed to be able to pursue "my great adventure" as i develop other ideas and patterns.

looks like we're in the weather path to receive a bit of wind and even possibly snow today!  november is upon us, and i cannot believe it's time for winter weather already.  {but then again, here in montana, we should always be ready}. it's all good!

and i'm grateful for each and every one of you and have a blessed day wherever you are.

thank you so much for stopping by!
soli deo gloria!
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