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Monday, October 5, 2015

autumn ~ in a collaged table runner

hi there ~ happy october!

today's collage feature is from a stash of autumn themed colors, specifically with a background fabric that is so neat.  it's from a robert kaufman line of fabric called, "sound of the woods" by katherine lovell for wild apple. 

i loved it ~ hope you do too... and it was a "must try" to see what i had in my collage stash that would turn this beauty loose!

some very creatively-cut, curvy edges for the overall edge treatment and binding make me very happy with the total look. perfect for autumn on the table, and into thanksgiving, too!

soli deo gloria!

Monday, September 28, 2015

spectacular yellowstone park ~

hi and happy monday friends ~

just a few shots from our trip into yellowstone park late in august.  it was gorgeous and a great memory for brian and i as it was our first camping trip in our rv and a special time of the season to visit the park.  not so many people, or as much traffic, and the clear skies... oh my!  we loved it.

i hope you enjoy the views, and a {just a few} fun facts:

of course, i never tire of blue skies reflecting in clear, sparkling rivers and a backdrop of golden grasses in this late season.  beautiful!

enJOY the beauty wherever you are today... and beyond!
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

a heart to give for... christmas collage pillows ~

hi friends ~




this is my color recipe:  think shades of red.  {dark, medium and light values in florals}; that would be pinks/purples/reds.  think greens, including  even spring-like yellow-greens and forest greens.  sprinkle black and white for sparkle, and the dominant, bright bold red of poinsettia, and you have a lovely {and lively} christmas color palette.

perfect for a pillow! 

i've made two; one is on a white background with red binding, and the second {below} is a heart on a red background with white binding.
and of course, i've sprinkled in some of my favorite little motifs, including a cardinal, and some cute labels.

ice skates...
snowflakes, hats, and mittens!

my pattern, "a heart to give" features a simple, easy to make, classic  envelope-styled back.  it was also be easy to add a zipper if that floats your boat, too!
it's time to take advantage of those wonderful christmas fabrics floating around in the quilt stores these days... soon... they will be gone!

soli deo gloria

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

christmas collage table runner ~

hi there ~

i keep tryin' to get to "autumn inspiration" but christmas has been what i've been working real diligently for classes, and store samples!

once again;  a rather "classic" rectangular tablerunner, and just another great possibility for using that beautiful stash of pre-cut flowers {you do have one, right?! lol} 

i'm still really loving that sparkly white and black, with christmas red and greens... and a few charming snowflakes in silver, black and white, too!

enjoy the beautiful day!  

Friday, September 18, 2015

christmas collage a'peel ~ and classes!

hello ~

boy have we enjoyed the relief of blessed rain these past few weeks, and it's also been a great motive to dive into... yes... christmas!  now i'm not anxious to bring on the season, but after seeing a few really charming christmas quilts hanging at the sewing palace in helena, i was inspired to start thinking about it ~

and so i thought a good place to start is from my new collage a'peel pattern:

here's the christmas version of it, seen below.  i'm really delving into using more "whites and blacks" for christmas, and it's been an interesting contrast to explore.  

and ~ i like it very much!  

really never thought i would be saying that about black... but when i found this gorgeous black christmassy print at the quiltaway i just had to try it out, and then added assorted scraps in other christmas prints from my stash.  a simple layering of poinsettias with snowflakes on top and holly berries and leaves strewn about in outside perimeter! fun!!

this little table topper {or wall hanging} is on display at the quiltaway shop here in great falls {406-453-2788}.  we have another fun "create collage class" set at the quiltaway for october 9th and 10th friday and saturday, {10-4 each day for $65}.  i'll help you make any pattern you like, including this one, or a tablerunner, or your own design!  i'll be sharing my processes, and showing how i create a collage pattern, too!

i'm also teaching a "create collage" class in helena at the sewing palace, {406-443-5724} october 2nd, and 3rd, 10-4 {friday and saturday}.  they have a super web site, so if you have a minute, go visit it!  

and a great little class:  free motion basics is set at the quiltaway for tuesday, october 13th, 10-4.  i'm teaching all the basics, sharing my favorite tips, tension, needles, feet, threads and great resources, and will include a few surprises and demos of various quilting motifs we are all going to try!  

and... if you have a finished collage put together, but not sure how to quilt it?  i'm crazy excited to help you "quilt the collage,"  lots of hints and tips for quilting with a walking foot, or free motion style.  this class is set at the sewing palace in helena {click that link to go their class pages} -- set for october 23rd 10-4. 
this is such a festive and easy project ~ easy to do in an afternoon's time. the accuquilt Go! makes this so quick to accomplish, using the orange peel die, and a 5" block die, too. i bet you have some poinsettia scraps, and they would be fun to fuse up and put to glory on this great project!
fyi ~ for the quilting, i decided to apply a black thread; either king tut 40 weight cotton, or the 40 weight magnifico, look really good here!  i also put 50 wt masterpiece cotton in the bobbin {all of these threads are from superior threads}. {they carry a great selection of these at the quiltaway and sewing palace, too!}

i accented the snowflakes with quilting in black thread, keeping it very sketchy-looking.  however, i kept the swirly motif in soft curves throughout the piece for additional contrast!

did you notice that just a few butterflies are thrown in for fun ~ heck they were in the christmas fabric, so why not?!

 what a charming nostalgic print for the back... and guess what?!  it has such cute images... perfect for {more} collage!  yes... fuse. fuse. fuse. cut. cut. cut!!  

i've got several more sweet little christmas projects to showcase, and i hope you'll come back and see them! i hope you enjoyed this little 'pre-season' preview, and perhaps taken away some ideas for your own special creations! 

oh yes.  my little fingers, my lovely karen kay buckley {blue handled} serrated scissors go with me everywhere these days, with a great selection of fabrics pre-fused and ready to cut!

blessings ~
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

rv~ing we will go ~

so. excited!

we've been 'rv dreamin' for a while now, and we finally found exactly what we were looking for a few weeks ago... and so we set out in a grand new adventure!

i wasn't really sold on this idea in the beginning, truth be told!  but it was my husband's dream, and he's thrilled that i'm happily 'on board!'

because, oh yeah... i have a nice bed, hot shower, and a 'gourmet kitchen' {as i call it!} on four wheels!  yay.  and i absolutely love being out in the great outdoors, taking photos, and taking in the landscapes i love with a guy {i love} who loves it all too!
for our first adventure, we headed into cody bill state park in wyoming, and then on to yellowstone park. i was so glad to see clear smoke-free blue skies ~ a mostly 'allergy free' zone for me!  and even if a bit chilly... that's what a nice little furnace is for!  

fall was definitely making it's presence known, but i so loved these beautiful views, just a few steps from waking up!

 and a windy day next to yellowstone lake at pumice point:

and from the cool, cold lake waters to the deep, incredibly colored, hot pools with their steamy facials!

oh yes, let's not forget the iconic bison!
{i have more to show}
can't wait to get in a few more trips...
before the ...
soli deo gloria

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

tools of the trade ~ prepping for classes


hey there ~ now is the time to prep for fall sewing and quilting classes!  i was highly motivated myself to do just that, because of a nice little presentation given for students {and teachers} at the open house at the sewing palace bernina, where i am excited to also be teaching this fall!

and in "other big news" {lol} i found a 'must-have' iron cleaner product, the "iron shine cleaning pen" by clover products.  it works people ~ it really does!  perfect cleaner when you're working with a fusible {alot} like me!
to begin cleaning, the iron must be completely cold.  the first thing i really appreciate the most is the non-odor that i have experienced with other iron cleaning products.  also, this one has a felt tip, that helps you "scrub" wherever you need to.  and it's a simple "wipe-off" the excess, and you're good to go.  or make that "sew!"
i admit... sometimes i'm a gadget freak.  and i was very intrigued by these unique rubberized type of notions... these are called "peels" and i have to say... they work well, too.  they are for wrapping thread spools, and flexible for use on any size spool:
and the sister product, the bobbin clamps!  now this is a great little invention, in my opinion.  they actually fit any size bobbin!
and so i tried this product, using the three sizes of bobbins i currently use; one of them for my bernina 830 and the jumbo bobbin it uses;  the more common 5.5 mm size bobbin, and then the bobbin for my new baby, the Q20 mid-arm by bernina:
easy on the fingers, and of course it helps that they are not only cute, but brightly colored.  and for organizing, the package actually comes with this chain, too.  you can actually pre-wind threads; join all your bobbins you're taking to class, toss them into your class case, and you're off and ready to go!

here's my little pictorial of how the 'peels' look on my freckled finger ~ just for a giggle or two?  well... maybe not!
and this is how the peels look on a couple different spools of thread:
they look like little snails {or slugs} but let's not think about that!  just look at the cool color!  

and i like using them more than the 'glueless wonder tape' i had been using.  although it's been a great product, because of it's clear nature, it does have a tendency of 'disappearing' into the wilds of my studio when i unwrap the thread!

and finally, here is a shot of my new class case i'm keepingl all of these essential supplies in, and at the ready!  of course it includes a color wheel, needles, pins, clips, a frixion pen, glue stick, quilting gloves, rotary cutter, chapstick, and a few small rulers.

 and at the last, as a teacher, i threw in my 'little blue' bag of bobbin cases and extra bobbins for teaching my new classes this fall; one of them "bobbin play"  i'm teaching at the sewing palace in helena on November 6th, 10 am to 4pm!
snap 'em up, and snap it shut!  it's a great little case for keeping organized and one i will turn to many times i know!

blessings upon your day,
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