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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shiva Paintsticks

This is from my "Fall Harvest Glory" quilt, created wholecloth from a 1/3 yard of a batik fabric.There is lots going on here!  But it started with a Shiva Paintstik, and some basic drawing.  I used stamps, and lots of embellishments, and threadplay.  More on all those details to come!

Here are few projects using the Shiva Paintsticks... fun to blend, and just have FUN!  I've used stencils, blending many different colors.  It's also great to use a nice rubber stamp, with a more 'open' design, and I highly suggest you visit http://www.hotpotatoes.com for some great stamps!  I just place my stamp underneath the material. Use the Grip-N-Grip mat to place the stamp on; a great product that ensures your stamp won't move on you as you color the fabric with the stik.  If you're using rubbing plates, spray them with a temporary adhesive spray (I use 505). Another fun technique is to use the paintstiks "free-style" --- anyone can draw a circle, a wavy line and add design their very own way.  The tip is to BEGIN!  The more time you spend with these lovely, creative 'crayons' the more fun you will have, the more ... you will learn!

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flamingoquilter said...

I love all your work and want to play with some fabrics and learn from you...wish FL were closer to you!!!! Love the leaves from 2010.

May I ask where I might find a cut glass cross as you have displayed....thank you....

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