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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maureen's Gorgeous Scarves

 My friend Maureen, who was a student in several classes I taught  in Bigfork earlier this past fall, made these beautiful scarves as gifts for two of her friends.  Spectacular!  Nice "play" Maureen! I'm so tickled you shared it with me! 

This is a great example of how blessed I feel to teach, and to share my love of quilting, sewing and make new friends like Maureen!  She has been a treasure and it's been a huge blessing to become her friend, even though we are 200 miles apart in Montana.  I hope next year to join them in a quilting retreat... it would be the first for me! My dear Maureen, your scarves are SEW BEAUTIFUL!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Leslie - I feel so priviledged to have been able to meet you, take classes from you and to keep in touch as friends. Not to mention that you have put the scarves I made on your blog. It's quite an honor - thank you again.

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