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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Sewing Chair

I know this is an issue for many of us quilters, sewers, crafters, artists!  A GOOD CHAIR!

Where to start? Find? Buy?  Over the past ten years, since I've been quilting steadily, I've spent enough good money after bad on several office chairs that weren't very good... and then searching, sitting... looking for that elusive 'good deal' out here in the wildlands of Montana!  Now it's only been in the last few years that we've even had access to Staples, Office Max and Sams Club in the Great Falls area.  But even so, I have bought several chairs; the first one was really horrible, and one day, while sewing, I leaned to the floor to pick up something, and it slipped out from under me, and sent me in a vertical descent-- KERPLUNK, hard onto a very HARD hardwood floor.  I hurt my back bad.  (enough said).  So I searched, and although I did find another one that worked better, it was still not wide enough, comfortable enough, not was it tall enough, or ergonomically suited to my body height (I have long legs). So finally... I found one, and this is the chair I currently ENJOY sitting in...comfortably, and I LOVE it.  Yes, it's made by Bernina and just arrived in Great Falls last year via The Bernina Silver Thimble, one of the shops I teach in.  Well, it's about time, I must say!
(Not to mention a seat size that's aaahem... big enough  Whoa---steady as she goes!)
This one has MULTIPLE, highly useful and it's about time, size-adjustments, height adjustments, seat tilt, and back/lumbar adjustments! 

How do you like my upside down picture!  I figured it might be easier for ya'll to see the different levers that way... hopefully!  The green areas on each lever dictate WHAT that adjustment WILL DO!  Other shots of each of the levers (sorry about the flash on the first one!) below:

AND... finally there is one other  "knob" that is great to take advantage of; it's the adjustment needed to move the height of the chair back with the round 'thingy-doodad' that you turn...

AH... bottom line you ask?  Well, it's $295.00 highly prized dollars.  WAIT for a sale... Bernina Silver Thimble had them on sale last fall at 25% off.  (They will again) That's $75 off, and well worth the $225 investment in your back, I promise.  And, whenever you take a class from Bernina, it's 10% off anything.  Just FYI! And if you take a class there, ask to sit in the "good chairs!" This chair FEELS SO GOOD, and I love being comfortable doing one my most favorite thing ever... quilting, sewing and designing!  It's certainly well worth the money, and I'm very happy with mine.

If I could, I wouldn't hesitate to get two more...one for our office, and one for my painting area!

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Anonymous said...

How tall does the seat go up because I have a tall sewing /cutting table and I need a taller chair

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