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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Scarf with Hand Dyed Fabrics

You perhaps saw the earlier post on fabric dye and Elmer's Glue.  If not, you can see them here... and here!

I was inspired by a new book I purchased a month or so ago, and now just getting around to making a project from it.  The uathor is Malka Dubrawsky  who's style and color choices I very much admire!  Love the bright colors!  (go figure!) I also follow her blog.  It's called "Stitch in Dye."

Pictured below is the scarf project featured in her book, "Fresh Quilting."  
I decided to make the same scarf, only using my very own freshly made hand-dyed's. 

Fun!  It's a FAST project (who doesn't love that).  I came home Friday evening after a long week of reading thousands of jury questionnaires!  (That may be another post!  Jury Service anyone?!)  Anyway, I was very happy and excited to cut into my new fabrics, having cured for twenty-four hours, and previously steam-pressed to set the dye.
I put my Sizzix machine to work for me, to cut the fabric rectangles.  Perfect for this project.  Even though the width of these rectangles is slightly bigger, I think by maybe a 1/2" total... it was a sweet deal, I'm tellin' ya, to cut them out.  The die cuts two  rectangles, and I layered four to six fabrics on top of it, so I had these babies cut in a matter of about 90 seconds!  Yay!
Just start playing with the arrangement as you like.  I didn't get them 'perfect' - the project Malka writes features some of them 'off kilter' deliberately.

I'm really liking the fabric - very spring-like!  I used a blue hand-dyed velvet (silk rayon) for the back, but forgot to shoot a pic of it.  It's not so fun to work with, and since this is my proto-type, I didn't mind that it wasn't matched up perfectly.  The next one will be!  I finished off the scarf edges with an elongated 'triple straight stitch' - every Bernina has one.  Check it out on yours.
And here is the finished scarf.  It would look good on a model, but since I'm not one, and it's hard to take a picture of yourself (like I would WANT to!)... this will have to do!

And the fabulous button!  Gotta have a great button!  Tied with some extra Razzle Dazzle thread just for fun.  First,  did sew it on with my Bernina 318 "Button-Sew-On" foot.  Post coming on that someday soon!

Thanks for taking a look at my 'experiment.'  It will get more polished as I work out more details.  Got lots of ideas for some more... embellishment on this little gem.

Blessings and God's Peace to you on this Sunday!

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Terri Stegmiller said...

I love how your scarf turned out...and the button detailing is perfect!

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