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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Schmoodles of Paper Doodles

Inspiration abounds endlessly within you!  And be encouraged! Creativity can be learned, practiced, and developed.  

The more you do... the more your creative engine is 'sparked' and it's a wonderful, endless circle of looking and learning in a new way!

The best way to quilt feathers... is to practice them FIRST on paper!

It's truly amazing what you can transfer from your hand to your brain... and it's a quick hop from drawing on paper to quilting with needle and thread.  This is a wonderful learning technique I have used for many years.

I KEEP almost all of my doodles... and store them in what I call my RESOURCE notebook.  

When I have a dry spell and need a jump-start, this is where I go to re-think... refresh... and RENEW my design engine. 


elle said...

I see!

Karen Z said...

Thank you for giving me good reason to keep on doodling! And, for the great idea about organizing my sketches into useful books like your "freemotion pattern" book. (now, when I get into an organizing mood, I know what to do next,)

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