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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Necessary Notion PART 5 - "GLUELESS TAPE"

Simple.  Unobtrusive.  Reusable. Necessary..
AND... very, very handy to have on hand. It doesn't have glue; it's like those vinyl window clings.  This self-cling tape which comes on a sturdy plastic roll is a great little notion to have.  Just cut it off the roll in the length you need, and wrap it around a spool of thread, overlapping the ends, which will stick to each other.  I recently saw it at Bernina Silver Thimble in a slimmer version too.  Neat way to wrap up 'slick' threads like GLITTER, especially because they don't have a place where you can tuck in the thread end.  And when I toss my threads into a bag for class, they stay neat and tidy. I also use it to wrap up my thicker bobbin play threads too.  It helps to keep the dust off of the spools as well. 
I find it useful... and NECESSARY to a less chaotic studio or class!  Maybe you will, too!  And maybe you will find other great uses for it.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, especially for taking threads to class.

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