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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunny Delight

The fog lifted, the rain stopped, and the sun was out for a few hours yesterday!  Yay! Although it didn't reach 70 degrees, it was warm enough to sit outside on the patio, absorbing that sunny delight, especially when I saw what the day's mail contained.  Yarn and the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine! Now that's a tri-fecta of sunny delights! Love!
The yarn is called "Summer Meadow" -- isn't it yummy?!  Scarves... free motion couching... just a little bit of heaven in a skein of yarn!  Does anyone else feel that way?

I unwound it into several balls for future creations in the sewing studio.

And... one more! Appropriately, it is named "Sunrise".  I am in love!
Delightful! Sun-shiny goodness in a luxurious beaded rayon.  This makes me excited about the possibilities just looking at that gorgeous color!  Both are yarns from Blue Heron Yarns.  Although they aren't as 'thick' (2mm) as what works best in my #43 free motion foot, they will still be alot of fun to play with!  I'm anxious to give them a 'test drive!'
Micah thought the yarns were pretty, too... although she found her delight lying in the shade! (and waiting for the postman!)
 And my neglected little garden beds... it was still too muddy to work in them... but someday!  Soon, please?

And I enjoyed the delightful sunniness of fresh lilac blooms... and the fragrance, too!  So now a full day back in the studio... playing with yarn and some silk dyed fabric I made last summer.  And I finished a little art quilt, "Live a Sunday Life" yesterday afternoon.  More on that tomorrow!
EnJOY and blessings on your day.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Yay sunshine and flowers :-)

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