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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Eyes Have It!

It's just about the dogs today.
And they have always played a big part in our lives.
This is my son AJ's dog, 
He's a short-haired, red border collie; 
a real working ranch dog, actually.  
But oh my gosh, does he have a face!  
This is his "No Ball" look. 

Look at how his face lights up!  
Sooooo funny!
I wish I could focus this good! 
And then there's the look-alike contest!

And then there are these eyes... of our Micah-dog!   
Just resting after a session of playing ball. 
A pink... fluffy ball!  
 "Who's here?"  Check the window! 



Where would we be without our dogs?
You have to love them. So cute.

Sandy said...

Dogs are so wonderful. Thanks for the small quilt that I won on 3 Creative Studios. I will treasure it.

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