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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Postcard Palooza!

If you saw the results of my happy summer day painting and dyeing in yesterday's post, you may have been wondering how all that gook, paint and palooza was gonna turn out. (Me too.)
Found pay dirt in the unused scrap booking supplies in the form of heavy cardstock for the back. 
Ready to go with a simple zig zag stitch for the finish.
  Postcard summer heaven. Simple as that.

And so far, it's been REALLY fun!  And I'm lovin' it.  It's been fabulous to be home, in the sun in shorts and flip flops... playing with fabric, paint and water! 

Thank you Lord, for the stunning and perfect summer days to create in! 
Soli Deo Gloria!


Vicki W said...

They are fabulous!

elle said...

Absolutely fabulous!

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