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Monday, August 15, 2011

Improvisational Piecing Practice!

This weekend, I practiced a technique called improvisational piecing.  I saw a demo via Ricky Tims "caveman" style:
It involves alot of trimming, which is easy and fun.
A bit of gentle curved piecing.  And sometimes... because I'm just apparently meant to do some things backwards... first!  Notice the bottom 'leaf' block!
I think this means  I get to practice some 'zenspirations' styled free motion on this baby!  Other than that, I don't know much more of what avenue I might take to quilt it. 
This is how simply 'free-hand' cut the bottom leaf shapes are; this is the second block, from the first one on the left.  Can you tell how they are basically just reverse colors.  I love how you can get two from one cut!
And you piece them one side at a time, working your way from the bottom to the top.  Which is the reverse of how they were cut.  The same goes for the top "Chantel" flower.  That's what Tims calls it.  Based on a mis-stated description from someone who took a class.  He said "Show n Tell" and she heard "Chantel!"  I like that kind of thing!  It's just what I would hear...
This was the Quilt Show's #902 show featuring Lola Jenkins who uses panels for landscape type quilts.  She was entertaining.  But my favorite part was the demonstration from Ricky Tims at the very beginning.  This 'caveman' piecing as he has called it, is very fun, and addictive!  And I have more to sew up.  When you cut you really make two blocks at a time, as you use two fabrics.  As a subscribing member, I watched this technique via The Quilt Show.com.

I encourage my students to join this online magazine and community.  It's inexpensive compared to the tremendous resource and expertise it provides!  And you can watch the shows endlessly once you are a member.

EnJOY!  .


Amy said...

I saw the same show and am a member too. My favorite line is when Lola says "Then you quilt the heck out of it!"

elle said...

I'm trying to find my style so I'll be giving this a try. Two for one is always good! But I'm on dial up and somewhat deprived for big downloads.

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