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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jamaican Me Crazy With Stampin'!

What Can I Say?  Summer is ending SO fast.  It was only 44 degrees at 6:30 am, and this afternoon, a fabric-stampin' perfect at 70-75 degrees and I'm the John Wayne of fabric stamping... 'hell-bent for leather'---so to speak! 
Very excited with the colors and the pattern on this one!  Kind of "Jamaican" inspired. It was a piece of hand painted material from last summer... and it was rather neon, but perfect in my opinion, for this printing. I can't wait to quilt it!
 I asked my hubby to come outside and photograph so I wouldn't have to take off my gloves, or get paint on the camera.  Clematis vine on the left; sunflowers on the right!
 Now this print below, with my new 'Mum's The Word' stamp is in a colorway I adore!  Rusty-oranges, turquoise blue, and emerald greens!

 To get a good print, it's really helpful to have a soft surface to press into... but not too soft, so the print doesn't blur.  This is a piece of packing material I re-purposed.  You can find 'foam' for stamping in the craft store... but I imagine they are at least $10.  This was free! And better yet, it works great.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I will be showing some new brands  of paint I'm trying, and some hints and tips for fabric printing.  Also...  there will be a Give-A-Way to celebrate the "Harvest of Summer!" Although I haven't decided exactly what the prize (or prizes), may be ... if you have a suggestion, feel free to mention it!  In the meantime, have a MarveLes day!


Terri Stegmiller said...

Looks like a ton of fun. Love your colorful results.

elle said...

These are just so very yummy! They go so very well with your colourful yard setting. Gorgeous job!

Amy said...

I'd love to know what you like to use in carving your stamps. You do such lovely work. I can't wait to learn more and then I've got to work up the gumption to actually try it!

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