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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing With Bright Eyes

The latest.  A paintstik background, rubbed with numerous rubbing plates, and lots of different colors overlapping each other on some hand dyed fabric you're not sure what do with! Let the paint dry, and heat set it with an iron. Add a curved border.
Add a little bit of couching.  Use several yarns!  Why not?
Use a pretty batik backing you've had in your stash for five years.  Yeah, baby!
Take a look at your fabulous bookstore of quilting inspiration.  Courtesy of Patsy Thompson's "Hyper quilting" (a must-have for any serious or beginning quilter, I might add).  Decide on a motif.  (Practice first but not on your original piece!)
Go over it with another line of quilting, using a different, but fun color of thread.  Add some bling baby!  Move your feet -- I mean, use those feet! Click here: (#20 or #39 Bernina feet), or use use the search function on the blog to see more info I've posted on both of these feet).  Sew add a bit of couching onto the curved edge border, and why not on the binding, too?  Yahoo!

And take it outside into the garden area, so it can perform a happy dance with your sunflowers. 
Or dance the Mambo yourself!
And celebrate!

You're Done.  Nice finish!  EnJOY the fruits of your labor.



elle said...

MMMMm hmmmmm! I'm feeling the beat. I wanna move those feet! Yes! wowzers! I'm also feeling the heat of what could be our last summer weekend. Rain is forecast so the 'mamaba' is gonna have to wait just a bit. But I plan to fall into the limbo line asap! You are right. Use it, curve it, embellish it and back it. ENJOY!

Crystal Stanworth said...

I started following your blog awhile back and all these beautiful pieces have "inspired" me to buy a couching foot... #43 i believe :) i just love looking at all of your creations!

Treadleworks said...

I love your creativity! Wow, fantastic! Anything goes! Keep up the great art work and Quilting too!

Anonymous said...

I loved it, the colours, the textures it is fantastic.
Janine Bell
Western Australia

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