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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Gibson Park Fall

Gibson Park.  One of my favorite places to walk, saunter, take in. Such a serene landscape.  Absolutely one of the jewels of Great Falls on a gloriously golden fall afternoon.  Dappled sunlight and a squirrel... on a path to discovering more!  No nuts for me, thank you!
The lawn is still green...  I think this time of year makes it become even more interesting, with deeper shades of velvety green, combined with the golden highlights of a few patches just starting to go dormant until Jack Frost and the Snowy Brigade make their march... soon.

The leaves will be falling like it's a competition!  Another highlight of our Great Falls Skyline... the Import Depot Tower, stands as a sentinel over the park.
  A very showy Autumn, indeed!

Jack Frost is on his way.  Next week Snow predicted.  Fireplace, here we come.  In the meantime...
EnJOY the show, wherever you are!


elle said...

Beautiful. Gale force winds have pretty much stripped our trees. Grass is still velvety though! I luv the word picture- march of the Snowy Brigade! It's a coming!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

These pictures are beautiful! No Fall colors here, except what we bring indoors. But I love to see the change of the seasons.

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