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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love Bears... ALL

You've read it before.  A FUN foot to have, and to use!  PLAY.  
I cannot say it any plainer.
Because I believe in repetition... this is the width and length setting for attaching this RAZZLE DAZZLE thread.
I painted cheesecloth awhile back.  So I found it  (Yay) as well as the pom poms and the fused fabric flowers...

So this stash of cheesecloth was painted, using Lumiere paints.  I (of course) added glitter.  Some of you asked me about the glitter product I use.  I bought mine at the local Bernina store, or you can get it at the Quilt-A-Way, both in Great Falls.  However if you search for 'art glitter' on the internet, I am sure you can find sources through Amazon or other craft supply outlets.  I have not seen it, nor do I think they carry it in our Michaels or JoAnn Fabric stores.

As to the glue, my local quilt stores carry it, too.  It's a top quality glue product, one with a very fine tip, that I love using.  All I did was just dab a bit on the pom pom...
Sometimes the paint was heavily applied, and it 'stuck' to the plastic sheeting I dried it on.  COOL effect eh?!
Found this cool stash of linen-like ribbon.  LOVE! (Yes it is!) Oh how I love being a pack rat when you can start uncovering the treasures in the bottles, boxes, and jars!

 Yes, I decided to add more!  Bathing Beauty Beads! Yes, I start without a foot... use a polyester thread, and a sharp 90/14 needle.  You can read more about beading by machine in my post, by clicking here.  I've posted all my best tips and hints there.
 And I am thrilled with the look of the beads.  They make my heart sing.  Wild Thing!  (Go ahead--sing it with me!)

Love bears all things.
1 Cor 13:7 says: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
ALL things.
It's not just for weddings.
It's for each and every day...
with everyone.


Jan said...

I do love it! I should try your method of beading, I always do it by hand but the machine might speed things up a lot! Thanks for sharing..

elle said...

"Wild Thing", yes! Luv the beads. I also stash all kinds of things away and it is a joy to rediscover them and begin to play. There is a song we know in Canada called "Something to sing about..." Your blog makes me sing, wildly! LOL

darcey said...

Have you seen some of the portraits done with cheesecloth???? Oh. My. Gosh. I'll try look up the magazine and date I saw them in. Fabulous.

Trillian said...

interesting technique, to sew beads with the machine. I think I should try it.

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