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Friday, October 28, 2011

Take A Walk With Me ~

C'mon!  Take a walk with me in my neighborhood...  The beautiful fall leafy season will soon be like 'walking down memory lane' as the phrase goes.

As I was driving home yesterday evening, I was particularly struck by this couch on the boulevard... cushions of couched leaves... now there's a new concept?!!!  I just HAD to stop and take photographs, and the beautiful leaves in drifts of rustling wind on the sidewalk...

EnJOY.  I know I sure did.  Have a great weekend!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow such beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing some of your fall leaves.

MariƩ said...

Your photography of the leaves is wonderful, thanks. I wonder how that couch "sit"

My Sweet Prairie said...

It's pretty much impossible to be outside at this time of year and NOT take photos isn't it!? ; ) LOVE them all!!
P.S. - I do a regular thing called "Sunday Snapshots" if you ever want to try it.

: )

elle said...

My goodness! Did you have to actually lay down on the sidewalk? Lovely glimpse of city life.

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