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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Runner

Hi there! Hope your weekend, and/or Thanksgiving celebration has been lovely!  Ours was very nice, very quiet!  No shopping in the 'Streets of Laredo' for this girl!  LOL!  Instead, I had about enough gumption to go through some of my Christmas fabric scraps.  Not even a hint of a desire to even go to the quilt store!  Just staying at home, happily 'putzing' as it happened (and still is!)  And this is the result:
I began with a solid piece of leftover red fabric, and from the scraps of the coordinating fabrics, I randomly cut, without measuring... (a big leap of faith for me!) and placed the little fabric gems, again - randomly - another leap - well, make that a hop, skip and a jump!  onto the fabric.  Then what? 

So I  made a thread choice first.  Decided to go with a white cotton thread, this is King Tut 40 weight cotton, as it a bit more presence than lighter threads.  I used a 50 wt or maybe it was 60 wt Bottom Line on the bobbin...  Then I free motioned the patches onto the quilt, 'willy-nilly' around the edges, as you can see!  IT WAS FUN.  I loved it!!!  Doing it traditionally would have slowed it down in my opinion, but you could easily do it that way if that is what you are more comfortable doing.
 Sometimes my little patchwork blocks had some quilting or a theme in them... some did ...  NOT!  But the funnest part for me were the one's I added with just a white stitched block, and a fun little word written inside it...  and sometimes I even stitched the word twice, just because... it was fun to see what the result was!  No, it is not done on all... no need to.  It just simple... fun, and well...simple!  No need to make it complicated.
Life will do that for us without asking.  So I left all patches, and the binding, too... left raw-edged.  Then I threw it in the dryer with a load of wet laundry, and let the edges fray a bit more.

As always, much
And it will hopefully go to a loving home through my Etsy shop, or at the Christmas Stroll in Fort Benton, next Saturday!  

Best to you all!


Val said...

Wonderful table runner. It is such fun to free motion and isn't it funny how naughty raw edges feel :)

rvquilter said...

Looks like fun, wish I could let myself break loose to do freestyle.
Beautiful :)

Jan said...

Sweet! Nice work, I always appreciate raw edges and wonkiness. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

HollyM said...

I'm always a little uptight to let loose and try something like this. There's always that little voice whispering in my head about the 'proper' way. I love your piece and I'm very attracted to free form quilting. I am learning slowly to let go of the rules.
It's lovely and even better that you had such fun while doing it.

Teresa in Music City said...

How cute is that Leslie!!! Looks like a very fun, relaxing project!

Gaileann said...

So...cute I may try this I am a scrap keeper. We are headed home to Montana tomorrow from sunny Florida, I know , but want to be home for Chrismas.

elle said...

It does look like fun. I'm not quite sure how I feel about raw edge things. I did a small one with woven plaids with very even frayed edges. I haven't gotten any looser but I'm trying.

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