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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuffed Ornaments

Basic.  And... very simple. 

And simply hand made! 

Christmas ornaments!
I love the handmade look!  

I began with a circle, which I traced from my miniature handy-dandy color-wheel which is always within reach of my cutting and sewing worktable, next to my machine.  Of course, you can choose any circle shape you want.  A cup, or a very small plate for instance.

I then placed a piece of batting under one side of the fabric circle, and added a piece of loosely-cut fabric (and an extra piece for color and interest), in the shape of a rectangle, on top of the fabric circle, making sure it fit within the confines of the circle shape, and quilted it with a single word:  LOVE.   and SHINE. 
But what about a child's name, loved one, or friend, or any other JOYFUL description based words you might  think of!?   Hmmm... 'words for thought' I think! 

I also went around the 'word frame'  with a loosey-sketchy frame of stitching, just to add a bit of emphasis and accent. You're probably tired of me saying so, but I used King Tut 40 wt thread, as it has more presence, (and I love it!).  And I also added stars in the first picture, using GLITTER in silver. (Yay!)

Then add your backing fabric. I used the same print as the front. Then I stitched the perimeter of the circle pieces together, using a very 'rough' zig zag stitch --- just like they say on the food cooking shows (which I love to watch!) --- 'give it a rough chop'  --- well, that's what I did with the zig zag stitch! 

Now stuff it with some loose fiberfill -- the amount depends on your personal preference for 'stuffiness' shall we say?!!!  Of course, leave an opening in the top and use your glue stick to establish a place for the ribbon or hanger before you close it up.  You could add this at the last minute if you forget... it has a countryside touch, don't ya know!

And stitch it again, securing the opening closed.  Keep it simple, and keep it fun!  

And think about other shapes as well.  Instead of a rectangle on the front of the ornament, what about a heart shape? I bet... you can think of LOTS more variances... all of them simply handmade, and charmingly, SIMPLE!



Lynn said...

Very Cute!

elle said...

These are cute. I actually like the raw edging on these. Oh my T0-do list! It just keeps growing. lol

Vicki W said...


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