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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Frosty Christmas Scarf

This beautiful scarf just glows with Christmas spirit!   And what fun it will be to wear for the holiday's festivities coming up. 

 If you haven't seen some of my tutorials or samples of the scarf, you can see more here... here... and here!
 I added irridiscent ribbon, sheer organza ribbon, satin cording,  white, gold-edged and glitzy rayon ribbons, and funny shiny ones...
 What I really love about it is the sweet hand-made tatting that makes this piece stand out as an original, and definitely one of a kind.
 It's light as air, and easy to wear!  No beads on the ends of this one... just a bit of fibery goodness for fringe.
 And then I stitched this scarf using a pink polyester thread to secure all the ribbons, from edge to edge, and then switched to a silver metallic thread in between... for that 'extra somethin-somethin' sparkle that I like to put in all my sewing and quilting play.  Just because... I can!
 It does take a good hour or more to be patient... to wash out all that stabilizer, and gluey substance.  But it's worth it!  It's... bedazzlin' I think!
 And once in a while, while free-motioning, I took my needle to a bit of dance on the ice skating pond... swirling around and around, with the pink thread.  And as a skater comes to a stop with a flourish of icy spray, I added a bit of silver metallic thread-spray  for my own  sparkly finish.
It's for sale in my Etsy shop
I am offering a 10% discount, free shipping, and an extra (bonus) gift for a blog reader, only... 
just in case it strikes your fancy! 



Jan said...

Your work just glows as though it has an inner sun filling it with light.
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today. Thank you so much! This spool just glows too, with all the fibers and beads. I love it! I shall hang it with pride. Love the color of the organza ribbon too.

elle said...

Just because you can! I like that. Everything should sparkle, because life just needs some sparkle. Sew lets all sprinkle some sparkle! Lol

darcey said...

So you! Sparkly, shiny, and bursting with beautiful, glowing color!

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