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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?

Monday, October 31, 2011

A New Office

Ah... feels so good.  Our office space is nearly finished.  Brian and I have been working towards a reorganization of our office for this past summer and fall.  And we (that would be Brian!) got the desks put together... after the store gave us the wrong mis-matched pieces (sigh), and we got that mess straightened out.  Finally.... after much moving in and out of all the 'stuff' we had stuffed into this room, we're done.  It's good to clean up, and clean out!   And now we're settling in.  At least I am!  And it feels so much better than working from a cardboard table!
 This is my new desk!  It's a pleasant spot to think, contemplate, write and be organized.  (instead of on a cardboard table, like before!) 
 Just a few of my favorite books, right at my fingertips. Just turn, lift up a cupboard, or slide to everything I need for supplies, books, photographs, software.  As well as the printer, and a favorite lamp that reflects just the right amount of light. 
 The walls are a bit empty for now.  And who knows... I love to rearrange, but it won't be the desks, that's for sure!  We each have one.  Wonderful sale at Staples this summer; buy one, get one free.  (Never mind about the customer service). So now we are set up for business, for writing, or blogging!  And it's blue and yellow, two of my favorite color combos.  A spot or two for a couple quilts, too!  And lots of pictures of the family. Maybe I will even try some patchwork, to make a few curtains?!  Hmm...
 I enjoy sitting at my desk now.  Although it's a small room, I think we've got it set up just about as good as it ever could be without custom building, and a loan that would break the bank.  It's the right height, and everything I need is at my fingertips.  And I love the cozy feeling the little stained glass lamp inspires.
I've got some posts coming up that I hope will answer some of the questions you've asked me lately about where/how/why about embellishment.  I have found those books, and will get them photographed, so stayed tuned in for some great resources.  And Christmas... yes, I've been trying to get in some time on those projects. November 1st, here we come!

Have a great week!!  Peace In Him.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Take A Walk With Me ~

C'mon!  Take a walk with me in my neighborhood...  The beautiful fall leafy season will soon be like 'walking down memory lane' as the phrase goes.

As I was driving home yesterday evening, I was particularly struck by this couch on the boulevard... cushions of couched leaves... now there's a new concept?!!!  I just HAD to stop and take photographs, and the beautiful leaves in drifts of rustling wind on the sidewalk...

EnJOY.  I know I sure did.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love Bears... ALL

You've read it before.  A FUN foot to have, and to use!  PLAY.  
I cannot say it any plainer.
Because I believe in repetition... this is the width and length setting for attaching this RAZZLE DAZZLE thread.
I painted cheesecloth awhile back.  So I found it  (Yay) as well as the pom poms and the fused fabric flowers...

So this stash of cheesecloth was painted, using Lumiere paints.  I (of course) added glitter.  Some of you asked me about the glitter product I use.  I bought mine at the local Bernina store, or you can get it at the Quilt-A-Way, both in Great Falls.  However if you search for 'art glitter' on the internet, I am sure you can find sources through Amazon or other craft supply outlets.  I have not seen it, nor do I think they carry it in our Michaels or JoAnn Fabric stores.

As to the glue, my local quilt stores carry it, too.  It's a top quality glue product, one with a very fine tip, that I love using.  All I did was just dab a bit on the pom pom...
Sometimes the paint was heavily applied, and it 'stuck' to the plastic sheeting I dried it on.  COOL effect eh?!
Found this cool stash of linen-like ribbon.  LOVE! (Yes it is!) Oh how I love being a pack rat when you can start uncovering the treasures in the bottles, boxes, and jars!

 Yes, I decided to add more!  Bathing Beauty Beads! Yes, I start without a foot... use a polyester thread, and a sharp 90/14 needle.  You can read more about beading by machine in my post, by clicking here.  I've posted all my best tips and hints there.
 And I am thrilled with the look of the beads.  They make my heart sing.  Wild Thing!  (Go ahead--sing it with me!)

Love bears all things.
1 Cor 13:7 says: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
ALL things.
It's not just for weddings.
It's for each and every day...
with everyone.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pom Pom Ala Mode

Finished?  Nope.  

The center of the flower bud... needs something more.  This is what I did.

I went rifling through my storage drawers for that little grab bag of felted balls I know I just saw a few days ago... Ah ha!  Found you!
So let's give this a try... But first, let's cut that pom in half:
And attach it free motion style.  Doesn't have to be free motion... just whatever floats your boat!  An open toe foot would probably work just fine too. I happen to like the #29 Bernina clear free motion foot.  Why?  Well, it's clear... (duh), and because the width of the foot also helps keep the pom where I want it, and stabilizes it at the same time.
Now that was a fun little adventure!  But it's still missing some emphasis, although I'm diggin' the three-dimensional look... that 'come hither' and take a closer look at me...
Ah... there you are my little French Lilac Glitter!  Come on over and join the party!
SOOOooooo pretty!  And Scrumptious too..... just a little dab'l do-ya!  And I dabbed it on with a little paintbrush which worked really well.  I didn't have to sprinkle it all on, and then tap it off, (make a bit of a mess), tap it back into container... you get the picture, right?
Come a little closer to my darling flower center....  that's it!
Ooh! Happy Eyes on pretty sparkles!
Now... whether or not I am done... that is always the question, isn't it?!!!  Will... let... you... know!

Happy creating!  EnJOY!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cut It Out and Cut It Up!

I spent some time last weekend going through some unfinished projects---fabric paper projects  I had made this past winter & early spring.  They were large pieces, about 11"x14" or so.  Ugh... I didn't like them, or at least didn't feel very inspired by them.

So I cut them up!  Ahhh... that's better.  What a relief!  (Like a trip to the dentist!)... LOL.  Anyway, at least I kind of like them now.  And I like them ALOT more with the flowers..  Most of these pieces will be small, like 8x10 or  5x7.

Then, I went to my little sack of flower goodies.  Yay!  Where have they been?  Ah... buried in a storage box, I dare say.  Last winter, while football with hubby, I took all those big gorgeous flower prints, fused them, and cut them out.  Now we're ready for ... well, anything!

Oh!  Oh!  LOVE them now.  Here's a few sneak peek glimpses into the RE-discoveries:
Most of these fabric papers were cut in half, and I found they were much more fun for me to create with... and it was rewarding to play with all the various flower cut-outs I had diligently fused and cut up.
This piece -- the 'big orange' as I refer to it... I haven't decided if it should be cut up yet.  I've placed the orange flower on it... but not sure if inspires me yet. Should I leave it?  Should I cut it up?
Quilting and embellishment ideas start to flow a bit more...
This piece has alot of very, very, heavy layered painting on it. I like it better cut in half, and with the big, bold beautiful flower on it.  Now I'm interested again!
The big NINA machine (borrowed that name from my sweet friend Elle up in Canada) has come back from the shop, the creative roadblocks have cleared, and the needle is sharp!  Onward!

Here's to cutting it up!  EnJOY your day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Helen Keller

"My friends have made the story of my life." 
--- Helen Keller

The back side

Approximate size: 7" x 10"
I thank each and every one of you who have read, supported, and commented on this blog over the past year.  For sharing, taking time, and most of all for the encouragement.

As I have looked back on this great adventure of becoming a 'blogger' -- these are, and continue to be my goals in writing, sharing, and creating.

First, I know that God has given every one of us a gift (or two!) LOL.  Whether it is listening, supporting, encouragement, prayer, speaking or writing... sewing or quilting!  I have felt led to write this blog to be a forum for give and share what I have been gifted to give!  The love of Jesus, of living out a daily faith in God, of sharing the JOY of serving others, whether it be through quilting, or sewing, or photography, or friendship, and much more.

Second, and most important of all I give the glory to God, and thank Him for all of you.  This blog isn't 'about me' --- it is, however, about US, and to be used to glorify Him.  Together we have a great adventure to share and live in.  After all, this is heaven... on earth, just as the Lord's Prayer tells us.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!

I always love to write back to those who take time to write to me, whether they comment or not.  So if you've never heard from me personally, it might be because you're 'no reply.' or choose to be anonymous.  Which is fine.  Just so ya know!  We are here for each other, and I know I am blessed beyond the mere words I write this afternoon.  Your thoughts and ideas are truly, & most sincerely appreciated. 

This little paper fabric quilt is a small token of thanks! I wish I could make something for all of you who commented... and someday, Lord willing, maybe!

Today, however, this quilt is gifted to MARSHA, who's latest comment was this: "Beautiful work, as usual. I read the Herriot books as well. Joyful reading. Keeping my fingers crossed all weekend that I'm a winner." 
Marsha, please email me your mailing address! XO!!

In addition, I've thought it would be fun to have a monthly drawing.  Postcard, thread, fabric, a pack of needles, or somethin!  If you are interested, email me your mailing address, (leslievaskey@msn.com) and I will put your name in the hat, as they say.  I will draw a name around the middle of November (if anyone's interested, that is). 

GOD BLESS you, and keep you in the palm of His hand!  SOLI DEO GLORIA.
Thank you for helping make... the story of my life!
Leslie Vaskey McNeil 

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