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Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple Tulips In The Works

I really enjoyed making this piece of paper fabric, from the post "A Wrinkle In Time" on Feb. 2nd.  I added several screen prints; the one below a beautiful tulip thermofax I received from Margaret Applin's shop, screened in white paint, on top of the fabric paper. 

I've started in... now what? 
Well, more threadwork as I answered myself. Specifically, free motion.  I want to explain how "to begin" with the bobbin play.  The first thing I recommend to my students, is "define your space" IF ... you want a specific placement for your thick threads.  And because this was stamped with a design... I DID!
I decided to stitch around the perimeter of the tulips, then began some bobbin play stitching, done from the back side, "blind" -- but because I stitched a general outline first, I knew where the shapes were on the front, as I followed the stitching.
 And I like this alot.  It's right up my alley, in the 'perfectly imperfect' -- that wabi sabi stitching world!

It needs a bit more stitching, but in another color.

And another!
Making progress...
 Time for some stem work...
Here are the stars of the "Thread Show" so far:
The threads: Superior Rainbows, with white Masterpiece on the bobbin.  A bit of the Art Studio colors from Superior, too. All of these are 100% polyesters. They performed beautifully for me with a top tension setting of 1.0 - even slightly less, and the best part? Why I choose polyester?  Well, in perfect timing, this info arrived in my email box, straight from the Superior newsletter:
Characteristics of Polyester Thread
Resistant to stretching and shrinking
Resistant to most chemicals
Quick drying
Crisp and resilient when wet or dry
Wrinkle resistant
Mildew resistant
Abrasion resistant
For more information about polyester, please visit their webpage.
I had a great time!  (Thanks for asking!) and onto more contemplation with the rest of 'what I'm a gonna do' to this piece!



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ohh... it is so pretty! I love purple tulips. Love tulips! :)

elle said...

YES! I finally figured out that these polyester threads replace rayon and it makes perfect sense to me as I used rayon on a bed quilt thinking lots would give it strength. It is a real downer to pull miles of unbroken bobbin thread from badly broken rayon. vbsigh. And if you are wondering; No, that is an old quilt and I'm moving on because life is short and there is lots more thread play in my future! 8^) Great tulips!

Margaret Applin said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I love your stitching - All of it!!! Great use of the screens!!!

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