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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bernina Foot #20 for $20

Every once in a while, I'm asked "what's your favorite foot?"  I've even been asked for a list of "the top ten feet."  This foot is one that is definitely in the top five! 

The ever-hard working, open-toed, #20 foot. Great for decorative stitches, visibility, blanket stitch applique, couching, and 'sew' much more...  you can find out more about it, by using the search box on the blog, and typing in 'Bernina foot #20' to find those posts...

I organized my sewing feet recently, and discovered I have FIVE of them now.  They were accumulated over time, from mom's old machine to buying it with my very first machine, and a few were included when I bought more recent machines.   

It's always good to have an extra... and I always have one handy and on call at the sewing table because I use it so very much. I also keep one packed in my traveling case for class, as a spare, or to lend a student in need... 

In case anyone needs this most hard-working, 'must have' foot, I'm offering two of them FOR SALE.  It also happens to be a coded foot (or "C" foot)  which is more costly than one that is not coded.  And it will work great on any  Bernina machine (beginning with those manufactured at least 12 years ago, and/or newer).  If you are a Bernina owner, and don't understand the details the "coded" feet, please see my post about that subject by clicking here!

Regular 'brand spanking new' price is at least $32 (USA).
I'm offering these for $20 (includes shipping; USA only) 
Just leave a comment if you want to purchase, and I'll be in touch with you. If you are a 'no reply' commenter, then I will go to the next person, and so on.


elle said...

I have a few of my own, Les! But guess what??? I am demo-ing a mobile Broadband USB Modem and I've never had you come to me so fast! Ahhhh! 'Tis wonderful. I WANT!!!

elle said...

So fast! To verify used to be excruciating cause I have to load 3 times. Now it is click, read, click, send, and back before I even have time to grab my coffee. Technology is wonderful, especially new stuff. VBSIgh whoops, no time!!! I'm off to see what else I can look at!

Suzibeav said...

Do you still have any of the Bernina feet for sale? Thanks!

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