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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Just Peonies ~

A friend brought peony blossoms to our Church Services  a week ago, last Sunday, and offered them to me afterwards!  

Aren't they lovely?    And those buds I cut off on Friday, and they are now blooming as well ~ another lesson... and I hope you'll read on ...
I couldn't wait to get them home and start taking pictures!
I love the light streaming through the petals, and the bright pink tones.  And that gorgeous white-pink delicate edge of each petal.
I'm sure y'all out there won't be surprised to read that I can be entertained for hours, just taking pictures...  studying the light ...
Look at that gorgeous texture!  Those pretty, lovely lines of curly edges, and all the shadows of light and dark ...

Softly scented, velvet petals.   Larger-than-life blooms. 
A sweet aroma, for sure.  A sensory delight of color, fragrance, light and touch.

I woke up with a headache Saturday morning.  And no medicine made it better.  And I let it make me very cranky ---  this is not what I wanted my weekend to be!  I couldn't hardly see straight, and, we missed a wonderful outdoor wedding and party with our friends and community, too.  Although I woke on Sunday morning with just a bit of it's lingering effects, I am happy to say this headache is on it's way out the door.  

Unfortunately, my crankiness was not a very sweet aroma yesterday.  The peony pictures reminded me that even in the midst of not feeling well, I have the opportunity to be the sweet fragrance of Christ. {2 Cor 2:14-17} of the New Living Translation, which I re-read today, and in part:  "... our lives are a fragrance presented by Christ to God..."

I pray to be a sweet fragrance~
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Margaret Applin said...

A floral photographer after my own heart!!! Hope you feel better!!

Bev said...

Beautiful flowers...and thoughts!

Amy said...

The peonies are beautiful. i remember my Grandmother's house was surrounded with them. Good childhood memories!

Sorry you had a terrible headache. Glad you are feeling better today in all respects.

elle said...

I hear ya. The flu and now a very awful cold. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! ;^) So now I better go out and have a closer look at MY peonies which have been very lovely this year. Blessings, Les.

debra said...

beautiful flowers and beautiful photography! :)

Laurie said...

I can almost smell those peonies, my favorite spring flower; your photos are absolutely beautiful! What a thoughtful post you have shared, for we all have times when we are not a sweet aroma to the Lord, yet He is faithful to bring us around. I hope that you are headache free now and that you have a lovely week!

LDH said...

I have never grown Peonies and think they are a very beautiful flower. Your photos are spectacular! I especially like the third one from the top with the blue sky backdrop and the wispy clouds. Sorry you had a nasty headache. I related to your words about being cranky when we are hurting. I love your sweet prayer too :)

Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your heart on Think on These Things!
Kindly, Lorraine

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