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Monday, June 25, 2012

Roly Poly Collies ~

Well, I have nothing to report on in the quilting-sewing-creating arena lately.  So here is are a few pics of the pups from a week ago...and the race is on!  Love those happy faces!
 Ears a'flyin'! Georgia can turn on a dime.
 Forget the duck --- I'll just bite you!
 Tumblin' and rollin' ~
 Pouncin' and bouncin'!    "Bonsai!"
  Bitin' and adodgin'!
 Forget that duck -- let's go topsy turvy!
 Most evenings... we enjoy the antics of these two pups, who chase, herd, and tag each other constantly!
Looks alot like flag football ~ Collie style.  Or make that frisbee football.  Whatever ~ it's definitely fun for the whole family!  


elle said...

I meant to ask last photo session. Where did this red head come from? lol They do say two dogs are great company for one another. Our two are still wrestling after a number of years together. One has the night shift and one the day shift. LOL

Ольга Т. said...


Sandy Wamble said...

Ahhh to be kids again! I love dogs playing together, so fun and free! Nice pics Leslie!

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