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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cultivate ~

More playing with the Inktense watercolors, with Joanne Sharpe showing us how to layer with stencils n ' such.  This is just my quick mini-version of the lovely and beautiful exercise Joanne created for us to do... I hope to get some time to go back and do it again... but in the meantime, love this spray stuff - Dylusions this was called, in a golden yellow.  It came in my kit from Christy Tomlinson's Scarlet Lime Store, and so it was fun to have this spray and stencil handy to use for Joanne's fabulous ColorLove class!
And our beautiful little cottage garden is blooming and coming into it's own... as we have been weeding, pruning, thinning... laboriously!  {but in JOY!}
And it is looking so nice... {the garden that is}
Until... the canine version of thinning plants came to our yard.  Those were my full box of beets.  Also the carrots got dug up too... although this pic doesn't show that cuz that just happened yesterday!
The black and white 'thing' came along.  
The WTBC.  
Wild Thing Border Collie in the GARDEN~BAD Dog.  Bad!
Who can resist fresh soil? Not this one.  And so who needs to thin out plants?  
Not us.

Not... anymore.

Georgia.  Begging to get into the garden, now that she has been LOCKED out.  

What's can ya do but sit back, and say "Georgia." 
Georgia did it. 
{Glad I planted extra}


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie! My first greyhound, James,raced around the backyard and plopped himself in the middle of my garden's cool soil after the morning watering. The second year, I left a bare spot for him so he could cool down after a morning race in the hot Oklahoma sun, and I could have my plants. He's gone now, but this memory sparked by your story makes me smile.
I enjoy your blog; your work is beautiful and inspiring!

Sandy Wamble said...

Georgia is so darn cute, you can hardly blame her for wanting to get the nice fresh black soil between her toes. She has to get ready for the herd ya know! I cannot believe the size of your garden beds, and how many you have? Do you ever sleep Les?
Love the Post!~ I love them all actually!

Donna said...

I love color and I always love your creations! I want to take one of Joanne Sharpe's awesome classes too. Hopefully, I can do it soon.

Georgia is so cute. It must be hard to stay mad at her for very long.

elle said...

I doubt I'll stop until I have all the sprays. So neat. Okay, now I need more time for color love! Our big dog has taken to digging huge holes! I'm not impressed. ah, summer!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Dear Anonymous... yes, our 'dear' Georgia does that... too. Say goodbye to the Delphiniums! So... it goes. They're 'only' flowers, after all! Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed the story, adn hope the memories are fun ones. They will be for us... eventually! LOL

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