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Monday, July 9, 2012

Splish ~ Splash !

My newest art supply - Derwent Inktense Water Soluble Pencils!

And they are really, well, intense color.  Easy to use, and ... fabulous!  
 What I really like best is their versatility, whether drawing with them, then adding water, or mixing the colors after drawing, or not!This is just the small set, which I bought at Michaels with my 40% coupon.  I'd like to see how they work on fabric, next.

Fabulously colorful ~ and I splashed the tip of the pencil with the tip of my watercolor brush, and I was just a splishin' and a splashin' and having a good ol' time!
And I got to learn SO MUCH MORE about them from Joanne Sharpe's blog, and Joanne Sharpe's Online Class "ColorLove 101!"  (Sorry the link before didn't work - it should go to her blog, "Whimspirations" now~)
I've seen them on  the 'net ~ heard about them.  
Never used em... 
Til now!  Thanks Joanne, for showing the cool ways to use them!  It's been a really amazing class, and I'm looking forward to catching up, and viewing the rest of the classes she has posted.  I'm okay with being behind... cuz it's a 'forever' kind of class.  My favorite kind!  I believe you can still sign up for it...TAKE IT! 

Now I'm singing with my splishin' and a splashin' !!! {Sing the rest of the tune with me!!!}

Stay COOL! 
Hugs and more,


Sharon said...

So much fun! Love your blog and all the inspiration. I am a fellow quilter, too. Loving this Color 101 class!

Claire Cooper said...

Love the inktense pencils we use them at the school I work in at the students love them.

elle said...

I got these on a coupon, too. I really like them. I'm off to check your link because info is always good!

elle said...

The link doesn't work, Les but I googled away and I'm breathing deeply!

HollyM said...

I want to take an on line course again, but plan to wait until the fall. I have the same set of pencils which I use on fabric all the time. I love the intensity of the colors.

Amy said...

I have these Leslie and they are fabulous on fabric that has been brushed with textile medium! I do some doodle quilting, fill in the shape with a bit of textile medium and then draw with the inktense pencils over it. I'll post a pic on my blog tomorrow! I can't wait to see what else you do with them!

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