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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Troubles Bubbles?"

"Troubles Bubbles?" is a favorite saying of my husband... or perhaps I should say, it's one of my favorites to hear from him!  And I always laugh when I hear it.
We ~ {well, make that me} thought it would be such a fun time to blow bubbles for the dogs... thinking it would be fun to snap a few cute pics?  Not so much...
They really didn't think it was anything so special...
In fact, it was more like "okay ~ what else ya got??"
And if anything is a big hit, it's feeding the dogs ~ not doggie treats, but {yup you guessed it} 
 f l o w e r s!   
Uhhh... make that flower PETALS.
Georgia looks so innocent doesn't she?  As if she is just casually sniffing... not so, our magnificent, out-going,  blue-eyed monster! 
Instead of the slogan "Got Milk?" ~ I have a new one...

 "Got Blossoms?"
The Dynamic Duo will take care of them for y'all!
Yeah --- you both got caught in the act! 
No innocent faces here.
Now ~ Let's Go Jump In... the... POOL!
Here's to some cooler days coming... soon.
In the meantime...
it's nothing but the "Dog Days of Summer"
at the McNeil Home.
And we are lovin' every minute!
EnJOY a bit of cooling off ~ wherever you may be!


Jenni C's said...

love your sweet dogs....they would make a great team with my dog...she digs holes...;)

elle said...

Dog days! lol Glad you are having a bubbly summer!

LDH said...

Pup posts always warm my heart and this darling duo and their flower munching antics are adorable :)

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