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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Christmas Ornament with a Sharpie ~

I have to say it was so fun to be a part of Jennifer's CREATIVE CHRISTMAS post yesterday.  In addition, today I want to show you all another aspect of this fun project!   
This glass ornament ~ a colored one ~ perfect for this technique!  {you may even have some already on the tree ~ "blank" and ready to decorate!}
I keep the writing simple.  Short words:  joy, love, peace, merry.  And I'm sure you have some great ideas, too!
And make sure you use a Sharpie "Poster-Paint" pen.  Some people have used the oil-based, but I find the poster paint works better for me.
And in case you missed the post yesterday, visit Studio JRU and look it up "votives" on December 6th!  (or click that link).  And be sure to keep checking out Studio JRU for more Creative Christmas ideas!  Create yourself some merry little Christmas Joys with your family or friends!
Again... simiple shapes... lines, circles, swirls... dots! {who can't make a dot, I ask?!}

Have a great weekend, and EnJOY!


elle said...

Looks like you have had a ball!

Robbie said...

So nice!!! Makes me feel like it's almost Christmas!!!

Barb N said...

That pen is a great product! Our first Christmas of married life (when we couldn't afford anything but the tree) my husband and I bought a box of 12 blue ornaments, put glue on them and then sprinkled with glitter. We still have them, and they are my favorites. Merry Christmas early to you!

Margaret Applin said...

Only you could dress a glass ball like that! Awesome idea and it came out great!!

Marsha said...

Very pretty - thinking it would be a simple project for grandkids. Will pick up one of those white pens today. Thanks for sharing.

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