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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Memories ~

Hi there, everyone!  

We have had a sweet, beautiful, and WHITE Christmas, this year.  Oh my.  Crisp and cold! 

This is my beautiful niece, Samantha {Sam} ~ out on Lake Francis, ice fishing with my son, Adam, on Christmas Eve.  Perfect ice fishing weather! And... no doubt about it ~ Sam took advantage of the perfect opportunity in which she claims credit for this 'catch of the day,' posting 'her' prize fish photo on Adam's facebook page. {LOL}  Funny girl! Sam is in her second year of nursing school, and very much enjoying her Christmas vacation time!
 Me with a couple of my favorite nieces:
And below is Adam's 2012 Christmas card, taken with his red Border Collie, "Reece," from the back yard of his ranch.  This valley is known as Kibbey Canyon, in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains. 

Below:  Adam having a 'moment' with his Aunt Kay!  {my little sister}.
Christmas Day we headed out to the Swan Ranch to be with our friend's John and Annette, and  a very wonderful, White Christmas!  

Still chilly... but oh my, did I enjoy a wintery walk around the ranch before we sat down for dinner. Sweet!  I have some photographs I'm pretty excited about... will share more soon.   
We are thankful to celebrate Jesus' birthday with such good friends and family.  

A sweet and BEAUTIFUL~ Happy Christmas Day!
I hope yours was, too.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Merry Christmas Leslie.

Margaret Applin said...

Wow!So cool to see you and family!!! I'm getting colder just looking at the thermometer! Hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends. Have a safe and happy New Years!

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us! Not too sure about ice fishing, and I must say, we don't have fish like that around these parts! Glad you had a good celebration, and here's wishing you a Happy New Year, too.

Sheila said...

Lovely photos Lesley , such beautiful country and that is a huge fish !Happy New Year to you and your family .

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

A beautiful, wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of Jesus!! Love a peek into your Christmas day. You have a precious family. xo

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