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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hearts For Austyn

~Valentines for Austyn~
Austyn is a precious girl born January 12, 2012 at 3:20 p.m. to Ryan and my friend, and Sister in Christ, Justine Marchion in Great Falls, Montana.  Soon after being born, the doctors noticed a mass in Austyn's left leg.  After performing an ultrasound on the mass, the doctors in Great Falls were unable to determine exactly what the mass was and sent the results to Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington.  Later that night, Austyn and Justine were airlifted to Seattle, and Ryan joined them the next morning.  While in the hospital, the doctors ran a series of tests and found a tumor in Austyn's leg.  The tumor was diagnosed as Infantile Fibrosarcoma.  This form of cancer is very rare and is only reported in 1% of all cancer diagnoses.  In fact, only 20% of all sarcoma cases are reported in people under the age of 35.  The treatment is going to consist of a number of chemotherapy sessions over a 6 to 12 week time period. Once the tumor has shrunk enough, the doctors will then perform a surgery to remove the tumor.  With this form of treatment, there is a 90% chance that the cancer will never return and that Austyn will go on to live a happy and healthy life.
100% of all profits from the sale of any Hearts and Bookmarks in my Etsy store will be donated to Austyn.
You may also support this young family by donating through Austyn's website: http://www.austynmae.com/
Fightin' Cancer in Style!
  What is needed MOST, is PRAYER.  Especially as Austyn has now begun her Chemotherapy. Please ~ please, pray for this sweet family as you feel so led...

For Austyn on Etsy
In praying for this family, I was given this idea from God, as I made hearts all day this past Saturday afternoon. It is definitely not something I desire to draw attention to, or for myself, only that our Lord is glorified.  These hearts - the donations - are 'small things' in and of themselves.  It is prayer that truly moves mountains, when we step out in faith.  We can do no big things... only small things with great love.  And it is with love, honor and Glory for God and Him alone, that any of this is shared, given and received... however God chooses to use it for this sweet, young family. SOLI DEO GLORIA!
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For Austyn on Etsy
For Austyn in my Etsy shop!
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Yesterday (January 28th, Justine wrote:  "Many people have asked how or why a newborn could have cancer straight out of the womb, but all we have been told is that it’s a gene mutation that is extremely uncommon. But from the start our baby girl has been so brave. We get our strength from our faith and remind ourselves if she can do this so can we!  We know God is good and he loves Austyn Mae even more then we do, and he will take care of her through anything. When any child has such a horrible disease it may make people question God. I find comfort in the words of the Lord, Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to PROSPER you and NOT TO HARM you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.” I know that Austyn will be our true testimony to our faith. I encourage you all to read John 9:1-12, the story of Jesus healing that man that was born blind. In this scripture Jesus said “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.” I know that Austyn Mae is going to be another one of Gods miracles and she will be cured.   We feel so blessed to have the support of all of you! The way people have reached out to help us is truly touching. Jennifer Herris has been our angel here is Seattle. Her daughter Rylee is a cancer survivor. She is a beautiful 2 year old that has truly given me hope for my daughter. I would ask that you all pray for a few children we met in the hospital; Isabella, a 9 year young girl who is fighting a pelvic bone infection and Japeth a 5 year old boy also battling cancer. Austyn starts chemo this Monday and now that we are settled in the Ronald McDonald house I will be better about keeping you all up to date. Again I would like to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers; we can feel your love all the way out here in Seattle!
Love and miss you all,
Thank you Father God, for the miracle of little Austyn Mae.  Please give her Your Mighty Strength as she goes through Chemo, peace and strength for her Mom and Dad, all her family, and Your great love and wisdom for all her caregivers as they face this challenge together.  Amen.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Be ~

I have to say I love bookmarks. 
And I love making them, too.
Taking a piece of paper fabric that was dark and muddy... broody looking, in fact, and giving it a second chance.
Cutting it apart, and taking a chance.  Better than letting it sit, untouched.  Rising to the challenge of asking myself ~ "Wait - what can this be?"
 The whole process just amazes me... of what a little time and attention to detail, of patience, perseverance can do to a little piece of a heart.  Mine!
 All too often things... people... attitudes... what is termed 'ugly' is all too easily tossed aside. I know better!  Why... oh why?  Does it take ... me... so long?!
I'm quite grateful for another lesson.  In life and in art.

Available in my Etsy shop
and Happy Day to you all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gelli Prints Galore!

Some of my Gelli prints were pretty-messy-not-so-great! Some of them... okay-cool. 
Photo 1 results in Photo 8, below
This particular acrylic fabric paint 'bubbled' a bit on the Gelli print surface, which is rather fascinating to me. I really liked the effect on the surface of a piece of somewhat 'dull,' hand-dyed fabric of mine. (photo 8 below)
Photo 2 results in Photo 11
This photo shows what the Gelli plate looks like after one printing.  Kinda cool, huh? I printed this off again, with results (photo 11).  And after that second printing, I added more paint right on top of the plate, leaving remnants of paint, but adding more, as well as adding Mica powders right on top of the paint, blending the powders directly into the paint  (seen below).  Very fun!
Picture 3

Picture 4 Paint with Mica powder on top
Then I spread it with a foam brush.  And I used too much paint on the plate (photo 5).  I know I read somewhere about not to do this... but when excitement kicks in... the mind kicks out!  At least I'll know what not to do.
And then I used this foam stamp, pressing it into the surface.  Press lightly!
Photo 5
See that thick paint above on the plate?  Oops!  Don't do that!  It is waaay too much paint! 
Photo 6
But after that first (dare I say "ugly"), yes - you can say it too... of the 'thick paint' print, (see photo 9), I decided to add a dab of green paint to the Gelli pad, (photo 6 above), I stamped (lightly) with my foam stamps: the checkerboard, and the flower, seen below. 
Photo 7
And with all the paint 'leftover' on the stamp, I began stamping on some other bits of fabric, just for kicks and giggles.  While you're making one mess... might as well make another!

They'll come in handy - maybe - hopefully - someday! Fusing, embellishment, or well... something, I hope!   The print below (photo 8) is from the first 'bubbly paint' in the first picture above. I like the bubble printed look, but not the thick paint look. Go lightly with the paint!  A brayer is the ticket... and I found mine ... now.
Photo 8
Definitely NOT excited about this print. (photo 9 below)
Photo 9
But I like this one! (photo 10 below).  It's not the best picture, but you can see the textures of the stamps and the paint is not quite so heavy.  Still a little too thick...
Photo 10
Photo 11
I liked the texture I got on this purple print. I'm not crazy about the yellow paint on the purple fabric... or maybe it's that I'm not crazy about the purple fabric?!  That's why I used it in the experiment in the first place! And it was what was within easy reach, too. Perhaps a pink, or a metallic color might have brought a bit of punch.  Oh well! 
Close-up Photo 11
All in all, it was a very fun experiment!  I can't wait to practice with more ideas, playing with different types of paint, namely, my Lumiere paints.  They are better quality, so it will be fun to compare the results!

I need another messy play day... soon!

Thanks for taking time to stop in!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fused Flower ~ or two... !

Once upon a time 
on a cold winter's eve, 
with the snowflakes tumbling
and I was about to freeze...!

Ok - that' enough of poetry!  It was one of those evenings that was preceded by a long winter's day!  Or... make that week!  And I wanted to "do" something creative.  But I also knew I didn't have the brain power to accomplish much.   I've learned the hard way that I must  ~ "just say no!"  Either that, or sing the frog song!  
And as I was going through a stash of my fabrics, I saw this piece I'd dyed and painted over a year ago, now.  I've always liked it... It was dyed with  Dye-na-flow paint-dyes, & then highlighted it with additional Lumiere paints.  Love the colors... and I'm finally ready to try to accomplish something with it, rather than just look at it and touch it.
And I rummaged around until I found my pre-fused, pre-cut flowers.  I spent some happy moments just sitting at my cutting table, shuffling flowers.  Arranging them.  Peeling off the paper from the backs.  A little bit like playing with coloring crayons and arranging flowers all in one! 
And that's as far I got before it was time for 'lights out.'   I'm a morning person, and in these wintery evenings, at the most, I might have two or three productive hours left in me... and that's on a good day!  Make that night. 

So when my gas tank is full, I'll be putting my 'petals' to the metal. 

Literally!  No yawning allowed!

Have a good one,
EnJOY what you have!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fabric Fruit Pizza!

Hey!  Try saying that title three times in a row!  

I got a new ruler for Christmas; a 'wedgey' triangle one.  And I didn't want to 'piece' with it ~ 
at least, for now, I just wanted to play a little... 
and make some simple triangles.
So I cut out the shapes, thinking it might be fun to try doing this as a fused piece.  So I took a piece of batting,  placed some Misty Fuse (a fusible web product that is VERY lightweight) on top, and then started putting my pretty little triangles on top, playing with the arrangement.  I then cut some 'half-moon' shapes that fit the top of the triangle, (by trial and error on paper templates first), until it was the shape I wanted. To finish, I (hope) it will be simple.  Just put right sides together and done!  OR... 

"slip out the back, Jack
make a new plan, Stan...
Hop on the bus, Gus...
no need to discuss much...
Just ... get yourself ... Free!"
(yes, the 70's comes roaring back quite often in my mind!)

Sorry for the interlude.
Maybe I should have pieced it.  I might be sorry.  But  since I planned to use pretty ribbons from my stash where the seams would be, I thought it would be too bulky when it comes time to topstitch them down, which I will do. And I have learned, that by the time I take ALL THAT TIME to piece it, and then cover up the seams with ribbon  it's kind of well, a waste of time.
I'm still using 'what I have on hand' and that meant going to my pre-cut, pre-fused bag of flowers I have in a nice little plastic bag, ready for action!  Cutting out flowers from large-scale fabrics is a great winter project, sitting in front of our fireplace, watching a bit of football, NASCAR, or a some gold mining, sea fishing or lumberjack series... ahem!  "Honey, can we watch a movie now?!"
And from some image in the back of mind, either spotted in a pattern or a magazine, or perhaps a flower... I decided this piece needed some curvy little tops on top of the triangles.  There you go!  "Fabric Fruit Pizza!"  At least that's my first thought after looking at it as a whole!  Funny.  Well to me, it's funny; you? Maybe not.
When life gives you pretty fabrics and ribbons... make...
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