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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day in the Country ~ Gibson Dam ~ Part Two

Here is more of our little day in the country from almost a month ago, now ~ continued! Summer is leaving us so quickly, it seems.  Anyway, Brian took this shot of us, as we were standing above the Gibson Dam.  I love it!  He did a good job with the photo shoot, didn't he?  It may be one of the last pics of me in glasses?  We shall see by Thursday, hopefully, when I go for my check-up.  Feeling so much better now... I'm ready to rock n roll soon!  Its not that easy for me to 'be quiet and still' --- something I truly need to work on. 

Below: a more open shot of the surrounding mountains and the dam.  This dam was built specifically to create irrigation for the farmers and ranchers down on the open prairie in the Fairfield, Sun River and Fort Shaw areas, and more.  The water level is starting to recede... it will be amazing at how low this little dam will get.
And I always enjoy {trying} to get a creative picture of the lichen on the big boulders... and I'm fascinated with that color of rusty orange... I'm thinking about future inspirations!
and a lovely sage green color, which is not a color I gravitate towards.  I have been thinking how I should challenge myself to some new colorways in art.
Love-love the diamond pattern and spikey texture of this new baby pine cone!  Wouldn't this make a fun stamp, or screen? Or just a drawing, or design in free motion somehow? 

I've always enjoyed taking pictures of this flower.  It would be fun to draw and play with some of my new watercolors...  Purple.  Another color I don't often play with.
I just may become a fan of this purple color, every time I look at this flower picture, I wonder why I don't think use it in my art more?  Hm.  Food for thought...
Thanks so much for all of your kind comments, sweet thoughts and prayers.  I need them!  And... I cherish them, even more

Thankful to God for all of you! Amen.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jeepers Peepers ~

Hi everyone ~ nice to be back on the blog with y'all!  Thank you for the kind words, and sweet support!  I so appreciate it!

My cataracts were 'early-age" onset with solid, white, opaque spots blocking my center vision, and progressing outward, unlike the more common 'older-age' cataracts, which begin in the outer sphere and gradually close in toward the center of eye and are more milky-colored in nature.  At 54 years old, my remark to the doctor as to the 'early age' thing, was "is that a compliment?!" Anyway, my right eye surgery was smooth, even though it was a challenge to be 'one-eyed' for a week, and to have such extreme lop-sided vision.    Then came time for my left eye, which has the weakest vision, and the most severe astigmatism. 

Long story short, I had a different anethesiologist who gave me a shot in the left eye, and wasn't pretty!  As you can tell, it got black and blue, and really sore.  And during surgery the incision didn't close, which required a suture, and means more healing time ~ and more patience for me!  I also opted to have torque lenses inserted for both eyes to correct my severe astigmatism, which has always been a big hurdle for good eyesight, in either glasses or contacts, since I was very young. 

Right now I am able to see close up for short periods of time, with the aid of some old reading glasses borrowed from my husband, until further  eye exams show what's needed precisely, especially for close-up work -- once my eyes are completely healed.  But oh my land - my distance vision is amazing, {in my right eye!} and crystal clear -  and when all is healed, I am believing it's gonna be "bliss!"
I'm thankful to see better little by little. I have a few other canvases I finished prior to surgery,  so will be sharing those soon ~ hopefully!
This is one of them.  Appropriately named: "Believe." 

I'm so thankful for my eyesight... for the technology, expertise and wisdom of so many wonderful professionals throughout my cataract surgery and continued aftercare.  I went to Pacific Cataract and Laser Surgery Center here in Great Falls, and it was such a blessing when the Surgeon prayed with me prior to each surgery. 

And... as I learn {more} ~ to walk by faith, 
and not by sight,
one does not have to see it ...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gift of Finest Wheat ~ Highwood Country

Last Wednesday evening we went out to Highwood, to our friend's, the Pasha's, for bible study,and a wonderful dinner and evening together. 

Thanks everyone for the fun comments on "Giggle!"  I loved it!  *Due to my cataract surgery (which went well--will do surgery on my left eye this Thurs), I am not able to read {or type} lol very well upclose {yet!}, and especially on the compter, but here is a post prepared earlier.. I hope you ... EnJOY!  
On the way back we enjoyed the glorious, flowing wheat fields, set against that backdrop of Big Sky and the Highwood Mountains.  It's about an hour's drive due to gravel roads, but is only about 38 miles from Great Falls.  Highwood is where we attend church services, which is 27 miles from Great Falls.  It's also a place we would love to live in... someday. {God willing}
All of my photos were taken on our way home, about 9:00 pm.  
The wheat crop looks sooo good out here; and the green spring wheat is thick, too.   And the clouds put on a show for us that evening, too.   AMAZING.

Dramatic skies... and with a dry lightning storm moving in, although it did seem to have a little bit of rain in the clouds, it was mostly of the dangerous type.

I love the old signs... the textures, the bullet holes... the rust and well, the age.  "Shonkin" is what this sign used to read, and it is the general term that describes the area above Highwood, MT, where the Pasha's farm.
We were maybe about 10 miles from Great Falls when we stopped along the highway so I could take this shot {below}.  To the left of the big clouds and radiating from the ground, is a small, smokey cloud where lightning struck and started a fire; likely we think it was a wheat field as the smoke was very dark and black.

We pray for a safe harvest for everyone, and for protection for all who work to bring the fruit of their labors, home for the rest of us to enjoy.  Thank you Lord, for the Gift of Finest Wheat, and for the One who Satisfies the Hungry Heart.  In your  Son's precious name, Amen.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giggle ~

Seriously ~ when was the last time you giggled... mmm? 
I saw this rub-on ~ the word "giggle" in my old scrapbooking supplies, and I immediately tossed it aside, thinking it was 'too young' -- didn't fit, was 'too silly'... and then...
I realized I was missing out on something fun, and putting something very innocent in a big ol' box! 

And I changed my mind... 
And I realized I DO just giggle... and this was the perfect word, after all!  I realized too, how much I 'should' giggle at all the silly little decisions I make when it comes to making a simple piece of art, making it complicated the way I approach, or look at things!
So just do it!  Giggle!

When do YOU giggle?  While you're making art?  {I do!}

While you're taking a picture of yourself?  {especially then!}

Maybe it's when you're singing in the car, slightly off tune, and your husband gives you the 'look' {but you're sure you're right on target with the music?!} 

Ahhh... let's giggle ~ more!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rocky Mountain Front ~ Montana

Some things I don't believe I will ever tire of... Sunflowers~
 Old Fences~
Clear Blue Skies~
 And Big Sky Country.  Especially across the Rocky Mountain Front.  This is a day trip we took a couple weekends ago, heading west along the Front, into the Sun River Canyon, and Gibson Dam, which is likely the only viable source of water for this incredibly large and irrigated rural area, known for it's quality alfalfa hay and spectacular wheat & barley production.
 The area shown pictured above is the famous Elk Winter Range, and a Montana State-regulated refuge.  Like many places across America, we have had a dry, dry, summer, as you can see from the landscape.  Hay prices are skyrocketing, as well as most everything else these days. {pretty soon we won't be able to afford corn chips?!}
There's just a bare hint of green left facing north, as we got closer to the Mountains.
Beautiful wildflowers~ 

We love traveling the beautiful back roads of Montana.  I have more pictures {surprise!} of our Day in the Country!

EnJOY your day --- in the country... or not!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edie's Mixed Media ~

I thought I would make a little mixed media canvas for a friend's newborn baby girl:

I made flowers from my screen printed fabric. {Margaret Applin screens of course}
To make the flowers, all I did was to tear the pre-printed and cured fabric into 2 or 3 inch strips. 
I used my UHU glue stick, putting a bit on one long edge, and then loosely pleated the fabric with my fingers... sticking more glue on the back, and then onto the canvas.  I added a scrapbooking brad, which I clipped the brad part off from the back, so it would be flat, and glued it into the middle of the flower.
Simple, sweet, and totally minature, it's a 6"x6" deep-edged canvas.  I bought a package; a set of 9, from Michaels.
Baby girl Edie is newly adopted by my co-worker Annie and her husband Kai. Congratulations and God Bless them all as they come together as a new family. Thank you Lord for blessing them with a baby of their own to love! Amen. 

Welcome to your sweet new home Edie Ann Krysta!

Be Blessed today!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Can't Keep a Good Dog Down ~

Today, it's about "The Girls!"  Pardon if it's slightly picture heavy... I got some good ones (I think!), so I can't wait to share! 

Georgia was spayed last week, and it kept her down for almost exactly 24 hours, and then ~ just like that ~ (imagine snapping fingers here!) ... this beautiful, strong, sweet-tempered pup was back in full form.  And I do mean FULL-ON!  All ... 27 pounds!
 We kept her away from the pool... but it wasn't long before she was scratching and whining for it.   So... back to normal, she has her pool back, where  hours of cool, splashing entertainment is hers to have any ol' time!
 I {still} love to capture on camera, the contrast of her white eyelashes, which are only on that one side of her face, against the black spot and what appears to look like like eye makeup, in the form of eyeliner, on her eye.
 She is one of the most photogenic dogs I've ever had, and it's so fun for me! Her expressions are priceless. 
 There is absolutely no doubt, she is full of personality -PLUS some!
 And she loves having someone splash the water for her to catch!

 And then there is the late-afternoon, and/or nightly 'Puppy Chase' when the temps cool down.  
 Savannah is starting to come out of her shell a little bit more with us, but she goes all out with Georgia.  And these two go at it, all. the. time.  Although she doesn't like the water, period.  We had a real cracker of a lightning and thunder storm Saturday evening; so I got up, let the girls in before it was right on us, and just in time.  They bounded into bed with us.  {imagine that} - and Georgia, all excited.  Licking our faces {this is after after midnight} - Savannah just barely licks, and all nice n' lady-like, tucks herself right in beside ya. {So glad we have a king-size bed}
The {very sweet} Brown-Eyed Girl! She has made a great doggy sister for Georgia, and they are good friends...

Share and share alike?
Hmmm.  Let me think on that!

Georgia is almost 5 1/2 months old now; she's getting so long-legged ...  and powerful, like a Mack Truck! I think Savannah will eventually be able to run right underneath her, just like one of those sleek, beautiful, elegant sports cars!

Thanks for checkin' in with us today!  Have a great Monday!  I have lots to share with you this week; hope you'll be back to check it out!
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