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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thou And Thou Only ~

A lyric from "Be Thou My Vision" ~ illustrated in mixed media.  This piece is 12x36?  Remember "Be Thou My vision from a week or so ago?  
Well, the lyrics I love... and I couldn't help but try my hand at another, larger canvas:
The first thing I did was to add the first layer, which were striped paper napkins, and modge podged on.  It wrinkles up, which makes for interesting texture.  I let it dry, {be patient} then continued with the addition of paint, stamps, rubons, perfect pearls, organza, a stencil pattern, and chip board letters.  {Whew!} A few accents with my black pen, and then a leftover butterfly.  Nice to get rid of the leftovers, right?
Chipboard letters glued, and then stamped and rubons added for extra visual interest~
The picture below shows the wonderful wrinkle texture {at least I think it's wonderful}.  I found these little silver nail-head looking scrapbook embellishments in my stash, so I used them all on the edge.  They almost remind me of furniture nailheads.

The heart is cut from organza, glued down with modge podge, and a bit of watered-down acrylic paint is added for some shading.  I doodled the swirls with my Wite-Out Pen ~ and more dabs of paint to soften.
I used two sprays; one is yellow from Dylusions, and then I used some glimmer mist in a light blue, and enhanced it further with some turquoise acrylic paint.  I also added black pen doodles over the stenciled area (the triangles)
Stamping all over in a random word pattern print to add a tad bit more texture...
Perfect Pearls adorn the edges of the heart~ and I added a bit of turquoise paint to take the shine down a bit.

I have so, so, dearly enjoyed rediscovering and using my 'older' scrapbooking supplies in this mixed media technique(s).  What I really think is super cool is how seamlessly they can transfer from fabric, to paper, to canvas.

Do you have a favorite method for mixed media, canvas, or fabric?  Or a technique?  I'd love to hear about it!

And...the BEST NEWS I'm so anxious to share with you all--- little Rowan Flaten has come home finally, and he is CANCER FREE!!!  Praising God for that miracle.  And this {I think} will be the piece I will donate for the Auction and Benefit for Rowan the end of September in Highwood.  I can only imagine how sweet it must be for that family to be home again ~ together.

Thank you Lord.  Thank you.  Have a great weekend!
Soli Deo Gloria~


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Water~Waves~Wonders~Flathead Lake

I hope you all are not too tired of my vacation-lake pictures!  I've so enjoyed looking at them again, and I can't wait to share them with you, here...

A stormy, windy day on Flathead Lake brings in  spectacular waves... and I was delighted to be able to photograph them under good natural light, and capture the beautiful, deep green of the water, even tho venturing out was a 'bit breezy' to say the least.  These were taken lying on my belly on the {wet} and wild adventure on the rocky shoreline just below the cabin.
Colorful rocks... water... waves.  I love the colors and I can get excited all over again just looking at these pics!
This one reminds me of jello!  These images are straight out of the camera, and on the automatic setting {as I haven't figured out the manual way yet} ~ !
Here's just a few facts to share about Flathead Lake:
~  named for the Salish (Flathead) Indians which is also a reservation located at the southern end of the lake.
~ max length: 27.3 miles and width of 15.5 miles; maximum depth of 370.7 feet (in Skidoo Bay), and the area covered by lake totals 191.5 square miles!
~ one of the 300 largest natural lakes in the world, and the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States.  Of those lakes, Flathead is one of the cleanest.
~ major tributaries into the lake are the Flathead and Swan rivers; however, water quality has declined in the last decade due to combined effects of increased pollution from human sources, erosion of the shoreline and other factors.
~  due to it's massive size, and active winds, the lake does not freeze over most winters
~ Wildhorse Island in the middle of the lake, is 2100 acres; noted for it's herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep and a few wild horses. {and seen in the far distance of this photograph-second 'hill' from the left}
While the windstorms and waves are certainly not rare, it was a rare opportunity for me to see the lake in these kinds of conditions, and to catch some cool pictures {at least in my opinion}.  Patchy rays of bright sunlight as well as cloudy and warm with access to a beautiful beach... just a few steps from a cozy cabin...  Perfect conditions for me! 

And a few more creatively edited shots, using a new app I am just learning about {and loving} to use on our iPad. {and it automatically transfers to our iphones too!}  It's called "PS Express."  (which stands for photoshop express I think).  Do you have a favorite app for editing photos?  And how about one that easily lets you add text?  I'd appreciate hearing any hints or tips you may have discovered...

 Dramatic... and then almost whimsical.  I deepened the color on the photo above, and then added texture with the swirls below and a sea green border... love it when I can have down time to play with the technology at our fingertips these days.

Awesome! Yes Lord You Are!  
Soli Deo Gloria!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Special Morning in Skidoo Bay ~ Flathead Lake

Oh My Gosh ~ {emphasis added!} I still get excited just writing about this awesome, spectacular, perfect morning on the water!  And it was our last morning at the cabin ~ and on the lake... and it sure decided to 'show off' for us!
So we headed into one my personal favorite places to sight-see...  "Skidoo Bay" on Finley Point, Flathead Lake.
It was an August morning where one dreams of what it might like to be a guest in a 'guest cabin!' {that would be me!} Yes - that house below is not the "main" house, but their guest house.  Basking in the warm sandy beach and hot sun, cooling off with a brisk dive into the deep, calm... cool, cool water....
But we had our own unique, kind of joyful, and sweet cooling celebration.  Lisa exemplifies it ~ perfectly!
Isn't she precious?!!  {yes - she is!}
So then it was mother and daughter picture time!  And I was only too happy to step up to the task! This is Rachel with her mom, Lisa.
Then Katie and Annette.
Then Katie shows us how real divers do it:

Oh yes!  You're practically perfect in every way!  {thank you Mary Poppins!}
Isn't she just a cutie?!!! 
Time for a serious consultation...these two young women are so funny together...
ready!  Set!  Jump!
and off to Montana State University they go... Go CATS!  {Rachel is a Senior on the Women's Basketball team this year}
And... time to come home, put the boat away, clean up and bask in the sweet, sweet refreshment of time at the Swan Cabin, 2012. 
And summer has begun to say it's goodbyes... what a beauty and we are grateful.  We're still praying for rain here in the west... and for relief for those going through Hurricane Isaac in the south.  

Thank you for being here... EnJOY and God Be With You.
Soli Deo Gloria.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creative Interpretation ~

A photograph taken on from our trip to Glacier Park, as we were returning to the beautiful prairies of Montana...
Rocky Mountain Front in the background...
On our little picturesque stop, I snapped a few shots of the grasses in the late afternoon light.  I loved the shapes, textures, and color of the grasses.
Working from my memory (ahemmm) ~ here is my interpretation of that scene, as drawn and water-colored in my sketchbook.
I'm still having a love attachment with my wite-out pen... and little dots of white.  I can't seem not to want to add them to my drawings!
Although not so similar to the actual photograph, it provides me with a continuing education ~ to learn to look at the ordinary things for creative inspiration. I'm thinking I may do it again... only this time with more mountainous background... we shall see!

I have been much more dedicated in spending time in my sketchbook this summer.  I have found that the materials {the right ones} make all the difference in my affinity for the sketching... and I loved making it... and can't wait to transfer some of these sketchy ideas to the quilted cloth!  

Let's Do It!!

EnJOY~Soli Deo Gloria!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Decorating Journals ~

What do you do on a stormy, rainy, super windy day at the lake?  

You bring on the CRAFTS of course! 
... and your journal!
Annette's Journal Cover
and better yet - decorate your journal!  And enJOY the day ... drawing, giggling... creating ~ together with your girlfriends!   "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Journals!"
Katies Journal Cover
And her favorite verse:  "Be Strong and Courageous."
The Wite-Out pen is SO fun on black.  And easy to do, too!  Below is Rachel's journal cover:
And good thing Walmart {aka the city of Polson-closeby} is handy.  How sweet it was that the two 'youngest'  {we are ALL young} wanted journals of their own.  And how blessed was I with their requests that I decorate them, writing their favorite verses on the inside cover...  Very~very~very! They couldn't have given me a sweeter gift...
The verse above is Rachel's favorite.
Rachel and Katie
And here are those sweet, sweet, young women!  Aren't their smiles and faces soooo so beautiful?  So thankful for our time together on the Lake at the Swan cabin (their grandpa's cabin) at Finley Point on Flathead Lake.

Thank you for such sweet, precious memories! 

Soli Deo Gloria Rachel and Katie as you begin another year of college together. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tissue Paper Heart Collages

These pieces were created as a result of an online class from Christy Tomlinson. It was called  "Creative Color"   and the last part  of this class detailed a sweet technique for tissue paper, collaged hearts. It's quite simple.  You randomly cut squares from tissue paper; not exact squares either ~ {love that} ~ scrunching n' twisting them, and attach them to a cardboard-type base with either mod podge, or hot glue. 
I also added a small randomly cut fabric piece of pink organza (on the right in pic above).  I adore the sheer translucence of it, and delicate fiber texture of the fabric itself.  It 'mod podges' beautifully!  {is that like dancing the two-step?!}
The green heart below is actually a paper towel I saved, after cleaning up some lime green~turquoise paint on another project.  It's so fun to add this in; I loved the  added dimension of the multiple colors, with the extra texture of the 'bumpiness' of the paper towel.
The purple tissue heart is created from a decorative, gift-giving tissue I had in my wrapping paper closet that had purple pansy-like flowers printed on it.
And of course, using my 'old' scrapbook supplies from over ten years ago, like my chipboard words...
I added a tiny bit of glitter ...
... and in cleaning/reorganizing scrapbooking supplies ~ lookie here ~ a jute canvas coffee bag I had saved... who knew?!  So I cut it up and slapped it on with some mod podge, and white paint... for 'what the hey' ~ let's just go for it! 

Learning when to stop ~ hmmm ~ {workin' on that!}
But it was FUN fun fun!  
I have learned how MUCH I enjoy 'seeing up close' --- so much so, that I have come to realize that seeing those details, and being able to focus on them is a great pleasure to me, visually. 
And I've kinda had to 'wing it' in taking close-up pics, too!  I can't 'quite see' it the way I used to...
Listed in my Etsy shop~
By the way, I basically started with three inspiration colors:  lavender, pink, sage green.  Colors I'm not particularly fond of personally, {like purples} although I think they're beautiful colors.  Just not ones I usually gravitate to, {except the lime green} lol. That was also part of the class, picking colors outside one's comfort zone.  

Speaking of life back in the zone, I need to edit pics of the lake, catch up on friendships and emails... {wait for my new reading glasses~yay}... show you some fabulous  fabric I received in the mail {happy mail} from Chris Daly, and more ~ get back.... to life "In The Zone!"

Soli Deo Gloria
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