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Friday, September 28, 2012

Angel By Your Side ~

This mixed media canvas was inspired by a song I recently heard on the radio, and one of my newest favorites to listen to on my ipod: "Angel By Your Side" by Francesca Battistelli.

 I can't say that everything's okay
'Cuz I can see the tears you're crying
I can't promise to take the pain away
You can know I won't stop trying

I'll be the angel by your side
I will get you through the night
I'll be the strength you can't provide on your own
'Cuz when you're down and out of time
And you've think you've lost the fight
Let me be the angel, the angel by your side
 I know it feels, like you're running out of faith
'Cuz it's so hard to keep believing
If I can bring a smile back to your face
For a moment, you'll forget all about it

 Cuz this won't be the last time you need a little hope
And I wanna be the first to let you know

"God's angels are marked by indescribable strength.  Paul says Christ " with his mighty angels" (2 Thessalonians 1:7).  From the word translated mighty, we have the English word dynamicAngels pack dynamic force.  {courtesy of my Max Lucado devotional 9/21/12)
The song lyrics continue:
I'll be the angel by your side
I will get you through the night
I'll be the strength you can't provide on your own
'Cuz when you're down and out of time
And you've think you've lost the fight
Let me be the angel, the angel by your side
"Angels minister to God's people.  God has put his angels in charge of you to watch over you wherever you go"  Psalm 91:11 NCV

I hope you'll enjoy listening to the music and contemplating... angels...
Thank you Lord, for sending your Angels to be among us.  Amen.

And of course... the joy of joining Studio JRU is just one my favorite JOYS of a Friday... as well as fellowship with ChristianMommyBlogger.com-- good stuff!

Soli Deo Gloria 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Farmer's Market Flowers ~

This 8x10" canvas is another fun project I did via the class I took "Art of Wild Abandonment" from Junelle Jacobsen.
I painted the leaves with acrylic paint, onto parchment paper, and then cut them out ~ one by one.
I added some patterned tissue paper, to the 'vases' but I  I would have preferred a white tissue instead of the tan... so it goes.  I figured I should just use what I had, but I could have layered it ever-so-slightly with some glazed, transparent white paint, too... just a thought! {now that it's done}. 
What really fascinates me, and attracts me to this technique, is the dimensional quality you can achieve!  Love that. And I was patient {enough} to even add multiple layers as I couldn't stop with just one.

Highlighted-doodled, with my Wite-Out Pen, and my Pitt black pen.   That was fun for me!

I'll tell ya, I'm real tempted to go back in and cover up the tissue paper... but I won't.  I'm sure I'd ruin something else about it I like!  I loved this technique with the parchment paper... and I'm wondering how I might incorporate this same technique into some fabric and quilting!  Should be easy as pie!  Like the pie in the Farmer's Market ~ Yum!!


Just a Little Shoppin' ~

When I am in Billings, MT, one my MOST-favorite places to visit is Fiberworks - a super fun, fabulous, energy-generating quilt store!  I don't think I can be more complimentary when I say "energized!"  Cuz that is how this store has always made me feel, just walkin' in through their door!  In fact, I had pictures for you, but I was so distracted shopping, I had the iphone camera on 'video' instead of photo, so they didn't turn out very well.  Go to their website and take the virtual tour, tho!
Laura Heine, owner of the store, had made up these most darling round, turkey-styled placemats!  I'm not usually one for the kinda traditional... but these absolutely spoke to me.  So here I am... with the pattern above, and also ~ kit for them below!  Please... please ... tell me I can get these DONE {in time for Thanksgiving?!}  Please!  There is enough fabric for EIGHT of these turkey-talkin' cuties!  Backing and binding included, thank you very much!
I was absolutely turkey-talkin' myself into this one... look at those cute prints in the kit, below:
And then... a little bit of this... a little bit of that.   Some brights from the Kaffe Fasset collection... an Amy Butler print I bought TWO yards of {i love it that much}, and a couple batiks {who knew}.
And you may know this but I'll state the obvious.  I love TEXTURE!  So wools, here we come.  These cute little patches of specially colored wool.  Cutely packaged also.

And a few more 'fall-toned' batiks that magically made their way to the cutting counter; 1/2 yard each.
And surprise ~ more turquoise/greens/browns!
Then, onto another favorite stop.  The Billings BERNINA Sewing Center!  Hey, it's on my way out of town; how could I not stop and say Hi to Doris and their sweet staff? And they had a brand new collection of rayon batik's that I couldn't - make that {didn't want to} resist.
This piece of gorgeousness is a rayon batik; beautiful colors simply radiate  fall, fall, fall!  I plan to make some scarves; nice, drapey,  go-with-anything scarves!  Perfect for a little autumn goodness in the wardrobe {and hopefully some extras!}  Can I get an Amen?!  

I bought some cute prints of the Basic Grey Christmas fabrics and some batik charm packs, but I forgot to take pics of them - perhaps another time.  Well, it's time to stop talkin' and let my fingers do the walkin' --- onto my sewing machine! 

Lovin' the fabric life!  Yes... I can't wait to burn some midnight oil!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Farmer's Market Pumpkins ~

Here's my fall parade of Farmer's Market Pumpkins! This is a mixed media canvas that is made out of wood, with a primed, gesso top, size 9"x12."  I really like this hard surface, even better than the fabric canvas tops.  It holds up to stamping real well.

Who doesn't love to look upon a field of ripened pumpkins, or in a stack at the Farmer's Market?  And each one seems to have such character, in textures, colors and shapes. Is it any wonder we love to carve them up into all kinds of ways?
I used punchinella in various forms; hearts, circles, swirls, flowers.  I added a dab of translucent glitter paint, accents with rubons in black and white, and my pitt pen.  The pumpkins were cut from printed cardstock, so some of that pattern comes through the background. 
My style of pumpkins here is borderline whimsical, if not actually so... although I did try not to do that as much... and tried to make them just a tad bit more realistic... what do you think?  Or are you as undecided {or unpersuaded!} ... as I am? 

Bright.  Fun.  Fall.  All things I love!  It's a  fun piece that represents some of my favorite color combos of Autumn.  And part of a super-fun class I'm just loving ~ from Christy Tomlinson and Junelle Jacobson, and others.

So what do you think about fall?  Got a favorite quote, picture, or scene?  Favorite color?!  I dare ya to pick just one!  LOL.

EnJOY your Fall Day! It's a beautiful day to be out picking some pumpkins {even if you're picking them out from a box at the grocery store!}  Go getya some!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

What the Hay? ~

I recently enjoyed a little excursion on the backroads of Montana, as I was returning home this past week from Billings MT (200 miles away).  I also  hoped there would be remants of the annual "What The Hay" contest sponsored by a little country community near Hobson MT. I wasn't disappointed.  It used to be called "What The Hay" and now I believe they've renamed it, "The Montana Bale Trail" and it happens the first Sunday n September each year.   So... on with the show ~ via my iphone! {and some editing} ~ those pics with a border are mine, the others are from the website).
Just on the outskirts of the town of Hobson.
Yes!  It's really is, a really, really....  'big deal' for these folks.  And they go "craHAYzy!"  You will see that is all a play on words - make that one word - HAY!

I wish I had time to stop at ALL the wonderful, spectacular, and so very creative, displays of "Hay Art!"  Isn't this mountain man CUTE?!
And the day... one word: spectacular!  This is beautiful country, in the rolling hills and valleys of the Little Belt Mountains.
I snagged a few photos from the website, as there werw way more than I could stop and capture... some of these are from years ago.  But oh my for "inspirHAYtion!" {lol}

Love these red high heels! This is definitely kickin' it up a notch, wouldn't you say?!!!
From a popular song by country music star Kelly Pickler.  So imaginative.  I love, love it!

Yes ~ I could {almost} Get Lost in Montana!

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