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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sketchbook ~ Twinkling Leaves

{just imagine Tigger's voice from Winnie the Pooh!}

Well, the leaves mostly gone... except for those living in my imagination or on the sketchbook page! I have really enjoyed playing ~ layering different types of watercolors with this particular page, though.  I began with a base layer of watercolor with the Peerless brand of watercolor papers.  Then I added the Luminarte Twinkling H2O's for some sparkle, and a bit of more depth... I think?
And one of my favorite worship songs "Rushing Wind"  was sung in my heart as I drew... colored, and added details... you can see some of the words... perhaps.
"rushing wind... blow through me, like your tender breeze... search out the depths of my heart..."

Two pages full!  I loved it.  I'm trying to learn to get a lighter hand with my black pen.  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes No!

And just a bit of a trip down memory lane - here are two Autumn-inspired table runners, too.
 The quilt "Red Autumn" above
 And here is "Leave it Beautiful in Twilight" a blue version; both of which were published on the blog last year - just click the links to see them.

And. Just in case anyone 'out there' is interested... I am offering anything with leaves in it... 50% off the listed price in my Etsy store.  Just contact me so I can set it up.  That is the beginning of my Autumn Celebration, with a couple free give-a-ways coming up... soon!  Very... soon!

Ever thankful to you all, have a great day!  


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fishing In The Pile ~

When I was "cleaning" my studio a few weekends ago, I found this small, unfinished, wall hanging top.  It got tossed onto "The Pile" two Christmas seasons ago. 
At that time, I was not crazy about it ~ that's why it ended up in "The Pile" in the first place!

I had painstakingly traced the letters onto a large square piece of freezer paper, cut them out with an exacto knife, and then adhered the paper onto the fabric with the iron.  I began to fill in the blank letter spaces with a red painstik, and then highlighted the letters with black. 

One of the reasons I'm not crazy about this piece is that the letters aren't 'straight' - or aligned within the body of the rectangle, and I don't know ... it's just rather "kinda" quirky-slanted, instead of ALL OUT quirky-slanted?! 

Do you know what I mean?

Also, since it is shaded with black, which looks fine in and of itself {I guess}...  I just don't personally care for it, frankly.
Nonetheless!  I am trying to be discliplined, {yeah, ok} when it comes to cleaning things up a bit... so here I go. 

I began quilting it with a lighter green thread - this happens to be YLI Variations.  I was hoping it would brighten up the olive green... and the answer is... well, not that much, as it turns out.
I have also decided to add emphasis to the letters, and brighten them up, first by stitching around the edges in white King Tut thread.  Ahem... yeah, that was just okay. 

So I decided to add Superior Threads Razzle Dazzle in a white iridiscent color, in my bobbin, stitching from the back of the quilt, following the previous line of stitching when I outlined the letters.  Problem is, I missed in spots. so that initial stitching with white thread has to be removed... {ugh}. 

Then... I made another decision to add red Razzle using my Bernina #39 foot, further attempting to highlight - to add pizazz.  It's got mixed results in my opinon.  While it did add some pizazz... it's kinda messy.  I don't care of it that much. 

I doggedly continued on in my little disciplinary action... adding some other quilting in white King Tut, with the words "Jesus Prince of Peace" and "Wonderful Counselor."  I love the writing, {and the truth of it!} ... but I'm not crazy about how that doesn't really show up either.  

So I am determined to finish... will continue quilting with the green YLI variations.  I don't know, it may be an exercise in futility, but at least I will know whether the gamble was worth the time and effort, or ... I will just use it as a class sample of what ... NOT... to do!

That is where it stands.  Sometimes ... things just don't go as planned! I'm okay with that.  It's still fun to explore, and hey ... just like that fisherman saying... "a bad day fishing is  still a good day"  ... same goes for quilting!

I'll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully... show you a finished project, soon! 

Hope you're having a good day... fishing ~ or quilting~!
P.S. I am editing photos for my "Grip n Stitch" giveaway... come back soon, ya hear?!



Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sketchbook ~ Flowers from Color

Hello there ~

Here's just another sketch of just color doodlin with watercolors I wanted to share today.  With this particular sketch, I laid down the color because... well, because it was just plain fun ~ that's all!  And then, a few weeks later, I thought I should challenge myself to see... if I could 'see flowers' within each of those colors... 

What do YOU see?  {my mom saw a mouse ~ lol}

All you need is color.  Imagination.  And a Pen! {or several, that is!}  Of course, I used my black Pitt pen, and the Bic Wite-Out pen, too... 

Go on!  

Do it!! 



Friday, October 26, 2012

Love One Another ~

Hi there!  Happy Friday!  

Well... here is the last of the mixed media pieces I've made this summer and fall.

One of the things that is so fun for me, is to play with the layering effects... it's such a fun surprise to see  colors and myriad textures that can be achieved.  I'm especially addicted fond of the process of peeling off the sticky letters... to reveal the excitement of the colors and textures underneath.  It's like finding a treasure chest!

Lower left, in the lime green... tar gel!  I love this medium. I added a bit of lime green paint to it, then scraped it through a stencil.

It's been fun to discover new techniques in my online class from Christy Tomlinson, and to contemplate how I can translate them into the fabric world of my imagination!   

This piece is quite large; 11"x16," I believe. It's also a 2-inch deep-edge canvas, which I think makes these pieces special; easy to hang, or stand up on a table, or wherever you like. This one is going to Chester for the November Art Show entitled "Expressive Color" which I am so blessed and excited to share in conjunction with my high school teacher, Katie Twedt!  It will be offered for sale, as well as "Choose to Shine." 

Here's the art supply list: Acrylic paint. Tar Gel. Sticky-back letters. Stencils. Glitter. Liquid Pearls dimensional and pearly, paint. Black Pen.  Paper.  Stamps.  Punchinella. Rubons.  

So... sharing with STUDIO JRU link-up party!  I love this party - it encourages me... more!  Jennifer has a beautiful story she's been sharing... and I almost forgot - some awesome young women on fellowship fridays!
 ~Be blessed~
 Encourage one another. 
Pray for one another.
LOVE one another, as yourself. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A World of Octobers ~ Sketchbook

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thought I would share some highlights of my noon-time stroll yesterday along the river...of course, all I had was my iphone {as I wishing for my 'good' camera!}  but... nonetheless... it was COOL.  {literally and figuratively!}  And it provided inspiration for my sketch {below}... I hope you enjoy it, too...
And a fresh new coating of Fall {en} snow!

Cloudy and calm.
Those leaves that hadn't fallen yet ... well, they got their little stems froze off!

This is a beautiful one, isn't it?  
I had such a good time with my splashes... may have gotten a little carried away, not knowing when to stop??!

I just loved the sweet curly-curvy brown edges on that leaf.  I used my Peerless, and Inktense pencils for watercolors to attempt to highlight it... while I didn't quite get the effect I wanted, it was very fun.    

The leaf is my version of a project from the class "Wild Art of Abandonment-2" class from Christy Tomlinson, taught by Junelle Jacbosen.  COOL.  

Can you believe October is fast leaving us ~ going to gone... gone... gone?!  
"I'm so glad we live in a world of Octobers."  

Anne of Green Gables.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choose to Shine ~

It's all about  ORANGE!  If I was to say "I decorate for Halloween" this piece would be IT! 

I first laid down some scrapbook type papers down on top of this canvas, in varying black and white prints. {I also added a few other colors of acrylic paint, dabbing them here and there} Then I mixed up some Golden TarGel, using orange and a couple different red, pink, red-orange colored FW acrylic inks.

I laid a stencil down, and scraped the mixed tar gel over it, lifted the stencil, and then let it dry.  It leaves a shiny texture, that was slightly transparent, which I love.  That was also the point where I added sticky-back letters, and then painted over the whole piece with more of the same custom mixed FW acrylic inks to unite the layers, finishing by tossing a bit of my Art glitter on top while it was still damp.  Once dry, at this point, I peeled the letters OFF... and then doodled on them.  Finished by adding  a final layer of decopage for sealer. Let that dry... and then I began stamping, and doodling with my black Pitt pen, and Wite-Out pen, and I call it done. 

And that's as "Halloween" as I get ~ ever.
I love it! 

And so I make my choice.  
Choose to Shine.
 e v e r y   d a y !


Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloom Grow Shine ~

It began, once upon a time, with a piece of my very own hand-dyed fabric.  Enter:  Margaret Applin's thermofax screen, in tulips.  {yes this was begun last spring!}
Also enter in Caran D'ache watercolor crayons, in periwinkle blue and orange tones, as a highlight and accent on the tulips... {so fun to do!}
Free motion quilting with a white King Tut thread... and YLI variations thread, too... which also is to say... I need some more practice!

Hey ~ it's finito!
{Love that!}
and a bit of Superior Threads "Glitter" thread, in just a few spots... here and there.
It was tough to get good pictures - or good light this weekend. This is my third set of pics.  We did this in the bright sunshine, outside in the yard, late on Sunday afternoon, so there's lots of shadows, unfortunately.  So it goes...
and a sweet cooperating husband ... doing his best "Wilson" imitation {from that long-ago "Tool Time" tv comedy show!} I asked him to smile for the camera -- he assured me he was!
I deliberately left some open space, which is kind of hard for me to do, actually.  But I think ... I like it.  What do you think?  Leave it - add to it?!!

A productive weekend for me, sew happy to say!  I made a few more placemats in another creative version of the classic round shape -- {will show those in a later post}, finished this piece, cleaned out my studio a bit... saw some older {but so fun} unfinished projects... which means .... 

CHRISTMAS! Yes.  Yes, I did. I've BEGUN. It's time!  Have you started Christmas quilting projects yet?  I bet you have!  {I'm always a bit behind!} 


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Classic Round Table ~

Hi there ~

It's been a rock n' roll week... but I've tried to be diligent in my sewing studio these past few weekends... preparing for my art show in November, in my hometown of Chester, MT, and cleaning up, finishing up!

I have very much enjoyed a bit of 'traditional' sewing and quilting in making fourteen turkey placemats!  I'm tellin' ya - sewing a bunch of straight lines takes a bit of discipline for me! But even better news, most are sold!  Thank you Donna and Ann!  I'm so grateful for your support, and encouragement!

I've become quite fond of this classic round shape, and decided to get out some beautiful {older} fabrics and make an original design, using some easy-cut die shapes, some crocheted 'stuff' {cuz I don't know what to call it}, and a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL red button.  {Love this button!}  
I bought this crochet piece from a seller on Etsy, and it came in a bunch of vintage linens I purchased.  You may recall that I used this as trim for my mixed media owl's eyes.  

 Which I have now hung in our living room with a fall silk flower arrangement to enjoy together.
 And a bit of an update about our sweet puppies:
 They adore coffee.  Or make that coffee CREAMER in the coffee {just like me ~ imagine that!} and now it's  become part of our weekend morning routine. I can't imagine how they became so fond of it... :)

No surprise ~ Georgia will do anything, to get her large nose  - err - make that tongue - into the cup to slurp up some creamy goodness?! 
 And no, I don't drink it after they do!  This is my second cup... and I'm not always much a 'full cup - second cup' coffee drinker.  It's just for "the girls!"  :)
Oh... yeah.  Back to the quilting!  I happily free-motioned the edge of the crocheted flower piece for a fast and simple attachment.
And as I dived into my button jar, I renewed my love affair with big bold buttons!  Isn't this red one a beauty?!!  The dimensional accent of the crochet flower and button just seems to finish it off perfectly.  I think of it not as a placemat, but as decorative, and beautiful autumnal centerpiece, and I like it!  A little bit of old... a little bit of new!
And it has inspired me to do more pieces!

Just a bit of a teaser... October is my Blog Anniversary month!  That means I have several giveaways planned! It may take a couple weeks until I get it all together {ahem!}... but I've been asked to do a couple product reviews, which will include giving away one of each of those products, and even an interview, {whew} and I've got a few things to give away myself! 

I'd better get BUSYIER  {i know it's not a word - just to emphasize double-busy!}

I pray you have a great big abundant day of love whatever you're doing!

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