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Monday, December 31, 2012

River Twist Quilt ~ Winners

Happy New Years Eve y'all!  What a blessing 2012 has been. While I have many ponderings in my heart about what the past and future; what I might do, how I might do it... quilting, working, sewing, blogging... growing my faith and more... I will hold onto them for awhile, as I continue to praise God for ALL of YOU, and for all the blessings that have been poured down on me and our family. 

For now, I will show you more results of my 'misfit blocks' and so far... I am still motivated!  Ha!  2013... here we come!
I named this quilt by the name of the yarn I used to couch the flowers onto {the KISS} blocks.  It's "River Twist" by one of my favorite companies, Mountain Colors of Montana.
Of course, I felt the need to add something more, so I did that with some Bobbin Play, using Red Razzle Thread.

I like the warmth of these blocks, and they are something a little different from the other sets I've put together... it was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to bring a bit of 'new life' to them, but I'm satisfied with how this turned out too. 
I also found my free motion quilting to be in need of a tune-up!  Bring it... on!
So... question for y'all... should I leave the centers plain, or put a button... or something on it?  I am undecided...
So it's time to announce winners!  Yay!  Courtesy of my sweet husband, he gave me the numbers #5 and #9!

That would be: Yvonne {for the patterns} and Happy Cottage Quilter {the magazine!} She has lots of time... poor girl broke her wrist ~ badly.  So here's to some sweet healing time.... and reading time, Jocelyn. 

Happy New Year Eve's everyone.  I know I am blessed, and I hope and pray, I am passing it on, continually.

May you have a lovely celebration~ and always,

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flowers Reunited ~

Here we go!  I'm on a roll... here is leftover finish #1! 

These four blocks have been orphaned for many, many years!  The result of a "I messed this up" and "now what" kind of project!  {ever had that happen?}

Well... I still... LOVE these blocks!  But because I used the wrong fusible web... and there were so many layers of it... they were impossible to quilt!

When I found these, I decided I must attempt a rejuvenation of some kind... I had nothing to lose, for sure.  So I thought I would at least piece them together, and see how that turned out... yay!  That worked just fine. But then...now what? came again... Then suddenly, COUCHING was the answer.  {not me... the sewing machine} and my wonderful Bernina #43 free motion couching foot! 
But... they  n e e d   something else... don't they?
Yes, indeedy.

Enter stage left:  my Bernina #39 couching foot!

And make it messy!  I like it! 

Add quilting with YLI Variations, 100% polyester thread, and badda bing badda boom!  And that's how it's DONE.
For quilting in the outside border, I added one of my favorite phrases that I think is quite appropriate for this quilt... {and more}:
God will turn a Mess into a Message
a Test into a Testimony
a Trial into a Triumph, and
a Victim into a Victory!  
Yes.  {even for quilts} He does!  Amen.
Soli Deo Gloria

Friday, December 28, 2012

Leftovers ~ Pattern & Magazine Giveaway ~

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon going through the  leftovers.  {kind of like the frig too!} ... Although these happen to be the fabric kind... ya know, those  blocks that didn't make the cut when you were making a larger quilt, or were slightly askew, etc.  This is the pattern from which I first saw the acronym, better known as the KISS method! In other words, "Keep It Simply Slanted!" Many years ago, I made three x-large twin sized quilts, and one king size quilt from this pattern: {and one of my favorite Montana quilt stores as well}
These particular blocks were 'cast-off's' from the king-size quilt I made as a special order for a friend of mine, who gave it to her husband for Christmas. I also quilted it for her too.
These leftover blocks reminded me of a scene from that Christmas movie, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reinder, you know ~ the part about the the Island of Misfit Toys ~ anyone hear me on this?!
Well, I just decided right then and there, to sew up as many as I could. No procrastinating, no more storing, no more 'i'll think about that later' kind of stuff!  It's the Nike thing: "just do it."
So I grabbed up those that kind of coordinated, and put them together in sets of three or four, or five blocks.  They will be simple tablerunners, or something... !

So I pieced a few together, pressed them, gave them all the BB & B treatment (border, backing, batting) ~ now they are ready for quilting.  I think I may  need some inspiration on the quilting... Anyway, I made five of these little runners from the leftovers. 
These curvy bright leftover blocks are from a quilt I made and sold, called, "Curvalicious," the pattern from a Montana company, "Sew Be It" by designer/owner, Cheryl Wittmayer. I like how this pattern also incorporates ribbon as part of the design element, and it was totally alot of fun to add that to the quilt I made.  {I think I may have to do another!}  And the process of just cuting/making your own curves on the fabrics was totally addictive!
I think she has a very a very fun design sense.  And... to finish these off, I am thinking of adding some fringe... we shall see how that may turn out!
And speaking of patterns... I have some to give away.  Anyone interested?

And a copy of the newest "STITCH" magazine by Quilting Arts.  I found when I got home one evening, that I had accidentally grabbed two... and even though the gift-giving season is over, this is still a terrific resource for anyone, for any kind of gift-giving throughout the year

Just leave me a comment.  I'm giving out the trio of patterns as one give-a-way, and the magazine the other.  
 Have a great Friday~and joining STUDIO JRU, of course!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Memories ~

Hi there, everyone!  

We have had a sweet, beautiful, and WHITE Christmas, this year.  Oh my.  Crisp and cold! 

This is my beautiful niece, Samantha {Sam} ~ out on Lake Francis, ice fishing with my son, Adam, on Christmas Eve.  Perfect ice fishing weather! And... no doubt about it ~ Sam took advantage of the perfect opportunity in which she claims credit for this 'catch of the day,' posting 'her' prize fish photo on Adam's facebook page. {LOL}  Funny girl! Sam is in her second year of nursing school, and very much enjoying her Christmas vacation time!
 Me with a couple of my favorite nieces:
And below is Adam's 2012 Christmas card, taken with his red Border Collie, "Reece," from the back yard of his ranch.  This valley is known as Kibbey Canyon, in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains. 

Below:  Adam having a 'moment' with his Aunt Kay!  {my little sister}.
Christmas Day we headed out to the Swan Ranch to be with our friend's John and Annette, and  a very wonderful, White Christmas!  

Still chilly... but oh my, did I enjoy a wintery walk around the ranch before we sat down for dinner. Sweet!  I have some photographs I'm pretty excited about... will share more soon.   
We are thankful to celebrate Jesus' birthday with such good friends and family.  

A sweet and BEAUTIFUL~ Happy Christmas Day!
I hope yours was, too.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas ~

~ Merry ~ Merry Christmas Sweet Friends~

EnJOY all ~ all we've been given. 
Perhaps... even ... and still... you will find  
"new life" in the Peace & Joy of Christmas ~ Jesus. 
For God so loved us, he came down to us as a baby,
all God... and all human. 
Just for us.
May you all have a blessed, and meaningful Christmas.
In His Love,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Sketchbook ~ St. Augustine ~

Hey everyone!

It's been a 'rock-n-roll' kind of work week at the court... so today, just a simple page I'd like to share from my sketchbook. 

The word, "believe" sure gets tossed around alot this time of year.  It seems to relate to almost everything, but I think this phrase, cuts straight to the heart of the matter...    

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you may do, or think... this is wisdom applicable to all.  Put it to the test. 

Ask yourself, "do you believe, that what you believe, is really... real?

Courtesy of St. Augustine: 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peace ~

Hi friends,

Well, it's FINISHED!  {it always feels so good to say that when a project has been in "The Pile" a long time!}

You know, it's never going to be my favorite quilted piece, even though I love the words and the meaning behind them. 

The finish tho ~ is worth the discipline.  Worth lots.  And it's nice to see it hanging up, and think about the message, and learn more about a 'peaceful finish' ~ sewing and in real life.   

May we all know {better} and {more} that real peace is truly, and only, through Jesus Christ.  There is always going to be evil in this world, folks.  (The Book of Job is a good start if you want to know more).  Peace is not coming to the United States through more gun laws, legislation, freakish 'good intentions' ~ pretty (and useless, meandering speeches), and the religions 'of the world' as our President referenced in his speech tonite to the Newtown CT community.  It won't be through politics, and it won't come in or through our culture, nor any human beings of this world.  

It is however, through a LIVING God.  And it is ours for the asking, if we will only do just that... 

Please... if you are a Christian professing Jesus Christ as your Savior, please join me in prayer, in asking our Abba Father God, from who all LOVE flows to ease the pain of those hurting with the recent shootings, and all those who hurt..He knows their pain; it was His own as well.  He loves us so much; we only need ask...  I pray that those broken and hurting hearts may know the healing peace of God - through His son ~ the Gentle, and Great Healer of all broken people, and a grief-stricken world of hurting hearts. 

Let's get on our knees... together. Amen.
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