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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Dog's Life ~

Hi sweet friends,

How about a few pics of our girls?!  So... what do you call BFF's in dog terms, anyway?  How about DBFF's?  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?!  Oh well.  Georgia and Savannah are very good doggie girlfriends!  Of course, they've taken over the house ~ {surprise, surprise}...

Hey sister... would ya mind cleanin' my ears as long as you're up here... real handy like?
ahh... that's it... feels so good...!
... there... now I can relax... {yup ~ nothin' but the best for our girl dogs} LOL

... except when it comes to the outside furniture... they have to make do... poor little things.  This bench is in front of our garage entrance, which faces to the south, so it's a very popular sun-bathing spot in the wintery afternoons.  I came home one day at lunch, and spotted them out there, so I grabbed my long lens, and took these through the dining room window so they wouldn't see me  ... fun!  not bad pics considering.
a little winter's sun... good for the soul!  
 Hope you're getting some wherever you are!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... they are just so sweet and precious. These photos make me smile! :)

robin said...

They are gorgeous dogs - aren't dogs just the best??? Sometimes I just gotta go find some fur to snuggle, and it makes everything okay again. :) We have a golden retriever named Cowboy, and he is a sweetie, too. He loves to hold hands, or put his paw on my back while I'm gardening. So sweet. :) I think dogs are a special comfort gift from God.

Barb said...

Looks like a Dog Day Afternoon, except it's not hot and it's not August and there's lots of snow on the ground. But from the looks of it, your dogs are certainly content just hanging out!

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