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Monday, February 18, 2013

You Had Me At Hello ~

Hi there everyone ~ and welcome to Monday!  

My friend, Margaret Applin ~ {fabulous graphic artist ~ the one who lives in the "Land of Beautiful Stencil  Designs"} has a NEW line of stencils~!  Can I get a High Five?!  Yesss!  And when she asked if I would demo them... how quickly could I type YES?!  Her  brand new line of stencils, newly released from JOGGLES.COM  is here! 
The stencils arrived in the mail Friday and it was a treat to open up this happy mail package!  My fingers were itching to play.  So first thing after dinner... my fingers did the walking... the stencils, fabric and dyes did the talking! And everything... got really happy and very prettily stained!

I really do have a thing for leaves. {It's okay isn't it?!} ...  This is one of my favorites ~ shown on white cotton fabric.  It's kind of funny to me... I feel like these stencil designs should be at a high end fashion show; each design high-stepping like a fashion model, coming down the runway, to oohs and awwws of the crowd... as if it was a gorgeous gown... {well they ARE!}.  I know, I know ~ perhaps I have an over-active imagination?  lol  
And on to "dancing with the stars!"  I'm really so pleased with these s.e.i. tumble dyes.  A wonderful product which really holds it's color, and is perfect to use through stencils!  This is a spray dye, which I used spraying through the stencil first.  

I flip the stencil over, and then brayer the top of the stencil to make sure all that luscious color is not wasted.  Then... a few extra spritz's later... I put a new color through the stencil.  A double-layering effect if you will.

This is another favorite; I just dig this color combo, seen below.  Periwinkle blue-purple and a bright yellow.  And just a few splats of a neon pink that poked in!
 Here's a photo series showing my progress as I sprayed, flipped, brayered, and sprayed again. Fun fun fun!
 Flipped, brayered, sprayed again:
 And spraying my way into a blissful pastel version:

Here's the packaging Margaret designed!  {Nicely done, Margi!}
She's such a talent.  Congratulations! 

I really had a lot of fun playing... and now to go cut, slash, print, press and sew.  Hey ~ did you notice that url in the picture above?  It's http://Joggles.com/Tutorials for video demos on stencil applications. 
Whoot whoot! Have fun checking it out, and see you back here for some projects I'll have finished~ layers... layers... and mixed media on fabric!



Gill said...

Stunning Leslie and what fun you're having!
I look forward to seeing more!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
I love the double-layering effect!!

Margaret Applin said...

LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! (as usual)LOL Thanks Chickie!!!!

elle said...

HIGH FIVE! Magri got me unto Joggles. What a great resource. My stencils are in route and so are my Tumbler dyes. I can not wait! You have surely pushed my anticipation level over the top!

Handiworkin' Girls said...

These are beautiful examples, Leslie. I'm blown away...too pretty!

LynneP said...

Your stenciled fabrics are soooo lovely!

Cathy Nault said...

Beautiful! I love watching the creations come to life. Great job

Sheila said...

Beautiful , can't wait to see what you create with this fabric .

Nancy Lee said...

I JUST ordered some stencils from Joggles this past week-end!
Keep the pics & how tos coming!!

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