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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carving It Up ~ Part 2

hi there ~ so glad you came back!  today is part two... part three tomorrow.

i finally got around to editing more pictures in my adventures to carve my own stamps... again, using moo-carve as my base for carving.  i have to say, too, that i was creatively given a jump start by this lady, nora clemens-gallo and her most creative and amazing carvings!  i 'met' nora through Studio JRU link up for "in the studio fridays" and oh my gosh... check out her blog if you like stamp carving... or just amazing stamps.
i attempted {note the word attempted!} to make this one a 'corner-styled' stamp, as well... like the one i posted on the blog yesterday.
uhm... problem being that i have to concentrate long enough to figure out that corner!  oh well...  love it on the gelli prints, and once again ~ it's all fun in my book!  and... i am ready to do more!!
hope you're having some fun this week too!  appreciate having you stop by for a second or two.  have a great one!

1 comment:

elle said...

I AM having fun! Your stamps are so detailed. wonderful!

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