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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carving It up ~ Part 3

hello out there ~

here's the last couple stamps i've made over the past month.
this again, is the moo-carve product, as i mentioned in my previous two posts.
a pretty basic design... what i really love is the simplicity of the repetitive effect on top of a gelli printed paper, which was also enhanced with a stencil {margaret applin design at joggles} that has a 'round within a square' shape {can you see it underneath}:
and this is a double-sided, hand carved stamp.  the swirl on one side, the flower on the other, due to the thickness of the moo-carve.  you can order it in a couple different thicknessess.  this is 3/4" thick i believe...
and a heart. {not too sure i like it}
as is with most heart-work... it's a "work in progress" wouldn't you say?  {isn't it always?}



Margaret Applin said...

OMG!!! Stencil designer for sure!! These are great and I love the printed piece where I can see lots of flowers in type :)

elle said...

goodness, you have wonderfully detailed stamps and double sided,too. These really are marveles, Les! Are you starting to see the rise in the weekend! ;^)

Valerie Sjodin said...

Leslie, I am loving your stamps and how you combine color, shape, and pattern. So happy!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Ooooo I like these...they turned out great!

Megan Lane said...

Loooooove these Leslie! Gorgeous gorgeous my dear!

Megan Lane said...

Loooooove these Leslie! Gorgeous gorgeous my dear!

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