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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journal #2 ~ Copper Flowers

Hello there ~ oh my goodness... I made it through to Tuesday!  More on that later!

Here is my second {my favorite!} covered journal; I'm calling it "Copper Flowers."
 Recognize this design? 
It was one of the Margaret Applin's new stencil from Joggles, which I debuted awhile ago on fabric... and now on paper:
 {love that coppery perfect pearl paint!} love that stencil!!!

 The outside back side cover below:
 A pretty stack of journals I made, sitting together on the table.  Kind of like food in the pantry, is a couple journals finished!!!  It all represents many hours of happily messing around trying to figure out book covering, and all that mechanical application stuff: 
  The inside back cover:
 And, the back side cover: {i love the orange spots with the purple thermofax screen design}
 Purples... aqua, turquoise... oranges... and copper ~ this was a fun color combo!  These are going to make great gifts!
Here's to a fun week ahead~hope it is for you too!
Many blessings~


Marysu said...

Love this journal! Did you use a Viva Pearl Pen for the raised copper? Also what is the black doodle that runs across the edge and bottom? I spent yesterday printing, might do it today, too! Highly addictive!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Really beautiful. I love those pearlescent paints and this just pops! xox

Margaret Applin said...

OOOHHHHH you are so good!!!!!

Robin said...

Love it!

elle said...

This coppery effect is so cool!

kittyisnotamused said...

I love the gelli prints you made!! All the layers are wonderful, and I love the colors you've used. I was wondering, with the thermofax can you use plain acrylic paints, or do you have to use inks of some kind? I had never heard of the screens until I came across your blog, and now I would love to get some!! The intricate designs are a beautiful addition to your pages, and I would love to try them out!

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