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Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Today I'm showing the results of a quick couching treatment I did for a friend on some cute baby blankets.  This is free motion quilting with the Bernina #43 free motion couching foot. {click on the link for more information and another post/tutorial on that foot}

My friend Lisa sewed up a couple of crib-sized, cuddly blankets, for two little brothers, the grandchildren of a very good friend to both of us.  She found this very fun camoflouge print, made from that so-very-touchable, cuddly MINKEE material! {and we love saying it in unison when we're shopping together, whenever we spy it!}  It goes like this:  "It's miiiiinkeeee!" A fun tradition.  Yeah, I know it's goofy.  Imagine the entertainment factor we provide to the store's employees.  {Someone's gotta do it}.

Good times. Someday, I'll get it on video.  {betcha can't wait huh}  lol
The yarn I chose for this technique is a beautiful wool blend, in bright colors.  I just simply put their names onto their matching blankets, and presto-changeo ~ done!  And  Cute!  Yet... stylish and very BOYish. Just right.  
So there ya go.  Cute. Simple.  Colorful.  A great way to personalize just about anything.  If you've got a free motion couching foot... you can do this! 

Feathered, Couched & Finished is another fun project where I posted that might give you some creative ideas, tooYou can also search "Bernina #43" in the search box, and of course... you will have lots to choose from, as I've used this foot quite alot.

I'm thinking of offering this personalized type of service to anyone who has a quilt or blanket, or even a jacket or coat... that might be fun to have a name put on it, or even a short phrase.  What do you think?  I'd love to have your thoughts about it. Probably would be in the range of $10 for that kind of time and effort {like I did for each blanket above}.  Appreciate any input!

Fun for every boy and child in America, dontcha think?!
XXOO Have a great day!


Teresa in Music City said...

Love that special touch! I recently got a Bernina so I'm going to have to find that foot. Mine's an older 180 though, do you know if the foot would work on that machine? You know, your first post on couching is the reason I had to have a Bernina! It still inspires me - so gorgeous!!!

HollyM said...

I am jealous of your free motion vouching foot. I have a vouching foot but not a free motion one and apparently it's not made for my machine. It doesn't quite seem like a big enough reason to get a new machine though.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

love the personal touch! so cute! :)

Marsha said...

Gorgeous! And, yes, I definitely think you should offer this service. There are so many people out there who do not sew and would love the opportunity to add that personal touch to a gift. Minkee is not easy to deal with (ask me how I know), so $10 on minkee would be a bargain. Love the colors in the yarn ...

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Sweet Leslie. I love the feel of that Miiiiinkeeeee.....good idea on the named quilts, why not. xox

Enejy clemens said...

Thank you Leslie for stoping by and your comment. About your question. Until now my favorite are the erasers. They are not to soft or to hard. I want to buy new ones that Geannine recommended on her blog, the one I used to use are no longer available. Check my post about carving and materials and I also have some links of my favorites bloggers that carve.


Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

beautiful minkee treatment

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