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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bits & Pieces ~

happy weekend friends ~ 
you know how it is... you understand.  it's stuff.  leftovers.  bits and pieces.

i have tried be organized enough to toss the chaos - uh, i mean leftovers of various projects, into bins... or should i say plastic baggies that get tossed into plastic bins...
 so i dug through the bins.  and put together the leftover trims and made them into bookmarks.  the faux black leather makes a nice background, too.

and then i found a treasure i had not been able to lay my hands on, and there it was... in the bin {bottom of the box}.  printed words on organza that i had previously fused. 
beloved.  a beautiful word.  {yes, you are!}  and the Lord does call us His beloved...

'they'  say {just who are those people anyway?!} that one should always keep those leftover bits.  And I can only half-heartedly agree.  The problem is organizing them.  in my opinion, it's a wasted effort if i cannot locate them within a few minutes ... or "remember" where i put them?!  Hmm?

Do you have any good ideas or suggestions for storage of 'bits and pieces?' besides tossing them in a plastic bin?  I'd love to hear about it. 

Blessings on your day~


Margaret Applin said...

Love them!!!

clare said...

I really love this. x

babeyruth said...

Hi Leslie,
They are just beautiful, I love lettering on fabric.
I use silverware bins to hold my fabric. I can layer them on top of eachother, or put them in a drawer. I found some wide ones at Target that make them more usable than the skinny ones.

babeyruth said...

I love your art, it's so colorful and crative.
I use silverware trays to hold my strips and squares. I found some extra wide at Target, so it's can more than just skinny strips. I find this useful in piling them up or putting them in a drawer. :)

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