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Monday, May 20, 2013

new screens and giveaway by terri stegmiller

hi there friends ~ happy monday!
just thought you might want to check out these beautiful new designs from artist terri stegmiller!  {fabulous!}  i have ordered a couple, and have tons of fun playing with ideas with her beautiful graphical styles...

terri was recently gifted a thermofax screens, and has put her design talent to good use, making beautiful new thermofax screens. although she has them listed them in her shop ~ wait ~ there's more! you can visit terri's blog and enter her giveaway - the link is  here!



roadie said...

Having subscribed via Google Reader, I wasn't getting posts for a long time. Today, I had 23 posts from you. :) Apparently you've been blogging, but I haven't been getting them. Hopefully, all is fixed!

Robbie said...

Did you think I left this earth or blog land??? I am SO far behind in looking at blogs or even commenting when I do get in!! Love the thermo fax prints!!
I'm off to play grandma for five days starting tomorrow...maybe I'll get caught up on blogs! Or not!!!

Robbie said...

Good golly!! I've seeing tons of posts now showing up from you in my blog reader!!! I am really behind!

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