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Monday, June 24, 2013

late spring in rocky mountain front ~

hi friends ~ happy monday~ !

well, here's the last of our trip into the rocky mountains, and we traveled approximately 12.5 miles on a gravel road, well maintained for the most part!

i always love the contrast of spring green with spring snow ~ that is ~ as long as it's high up on the mountain!
and i love the rustic cross-fence ... it's rather timeless.
and a sign about bear country.  can't help but think:  
"here's your sign!"
although i kind of wonder what 'bear resistant' really means, or how it is interpreted by some? hmmm...
{just a thought!}
and this was the landscape 12.5 miles in; remnants of a  forest fire from several years ago... and those mountains appear to go on forever ~ this is essentially a look into the bob marshall wilderness; a very big BIG area. {over 1 million acres} {we were in the augusta/choteau area to the right}
many years ago, i rode my horse on a camping trip we took through "the bob" with family, led by my uncle; it was a wonderful time.
this road led into the blackleaf canyon area... i was sad that the sun went behind a cloud when we drove by the water... it was amazingly clear and tinted green with the spring runoff.
this is "indian head rock" ~ do you see him?

 here's a group of horses we think belonged to one of the guest ranches in the area.  several of the horses had bells on their halters. it a really pleasant, sweet, tinkling sound.  i assume to not only keep track of the herd, but likely to warn off bears, mountain lions, or other predators.

 these pics were taken in an area of the rocky mountain front designated the "pine butte nature conservancy" and it's stunning beauty is evident.  we looked them up on the internet; it's around $2200 per person, per week to stay and explore, camp, horseback rides, hike, etc.    gorgeous, isn't it?

and this scene below of flowers is one of my all-time favorites {so far!}... love love the purple with the yellow and white with the backdrop and moody skies of the mountains ~ pretty well sums up a perfect spring day.  it was taken near the hiking  access to what is known as "ear mountain."  we gotta get back there after it opens on july 1st.  this late access date allows the wildlife to mother their new babies, and protect the delicate environment, and all that stuff.
and with the day fading, as well as the light, we headed home with a wonderful memory of a landscape we love dearly.  can't wait to go back!!!

thanks for coming along for our montana ride into the rocky mountain front! {loved havin' you!}

have a great week!


ruthanne said...

Love the pictures. Thank you for telling the story.

elle said...

Thanks for the trip!

Terri said...

Love the mountains and the wild flowers. Indian Head is interesting too. Thanks for the tour.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Spectacular scenery, felt like I was up close and personal in those mountains. Thanks for bringing us there. xox

Margaret Applin said...

Stunning vb sigh

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for the tour , incredibly beautiful country , loved seeing it !!

Jane Wetzel said...

great pics and loved the trip :) how awesome to live where u can pick up and enjoy the journey...thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!

Sylvia Murdoch said...

Thank you so much for this trip through this beautiful area. This is the only way I will ever see these wonderful sights. What an inspiration! Love all the photos!

Sylvia Murdoch said...

Thank you so much for this trip through this beautiful area. This is the only way I will ever see these wonderful sights. What an inspiration! Love all the photos!

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