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Monday, July 29, 2013

journey on ~

hi there~!

i know it's been awhile.  a little time away from the 'grid' as they say... and

don'tcha just love it wihen you have to trouble shoot fraud?  {i have not been loving it} but i do think we have most of it resolved.  even though it's a bit stressful, and very time consuming! 

while i have been in the studio playing, it has been limited due to standing back, and taking in the beautiful summer season, as i continue to work out ~ and work on life as i know it! 

i am reminded that i am to look upward, and go onward in hope.  here is the little reminder, expressed in a photograph i took and some words i added with the new rhonna designs app.


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HollyM said...

It's hard to keep up sometimes, especially when you want to get outside! Yesterday was rainy here but I still didn't get much done. I did some household things and then plopped down with a book. We just need it sometimes.

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