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Saturday, July 6, 2013

ulm pishkun ~ a summer delight

our kids were here visiting us recently, on their way back from a north dakota wedding.  it was perfect evening to to take them for a little walk-about to the ulm pishkun, just outside of great falls.  if you've been reading my blog for long, you will know brian and i took several of my co-worker gals to the pishkun this past  spring.  now that summer is here, i was looking forward to seeing that landscape in all it's beautiful green.   it was not a disappointment, and this time we even had a "little bit" of excitement!  i hope you'll stay a minute or two and take in this classic montana panoramic landscape!
the ulm pishkun {first peoples buffalo jump} is a precious montana state park ~ with a spectacular  wide-open vista of grassland, mountains, and buttes, as well as the historic buffalo jump, and home to it's very own {protected} prairie dog town.  lots of wildlife is to be seen, especially in the late afternoon to early evening hours...  deer, wildflowers, cliffs, cottontails and ... baby rattlesnakes. {what more could you hope for?!!}

and i was thrilled to see this beautiful bird; a western tanager i think.   wish i could have gotten closer, but my lens wasn't quite long enough. {next time!}

uhmm... yeah.  if you don't like snakes, then you might not want to look.  we were SOOO lucky... just visiting and marching along, watching the prairie dogs... {not paying attention to where we were walking}... this little baby rattlesnake blended right in the gravel path, and actually struck out at brian ~ missing.  we were thankful we didn't see more, but you can bet we kept a better eye out!
he had one rattle, too... but i wasn't too interested in getting much closer!!! 

we enjoyed our evening together.  next time... the grain will be ripe, or even harvested, probably.  i still want to get my sunset {or even a sunrise!} picture again.

enJOY your day ~ blessings!


elle said...


Terri said...

Beautiful pictures and some danger, too. Thanks for sharing.

kim davis said...

Thanks for sharing. There are some beautiful pictures that would make great puzzles (yes, I am a puzzle maniac). Blessings!

Jean said...

You make a Southerner want to go see your Big Country...oh, so beautiful!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Fantastic scenery, what a marvelous place you live, so majestic. This is the kind of scenery I think of when I think of America, you know, big, bold, wild and free. Baby rattlers, we encountered one when hiking in Bandelier state park in NM on a trip, I never hopped backwards 50 yards so fast.....no snakes for me- at least not the poisonous kind. xox

Jane Wetzel said...

WOW...tyou for the great tour..never been out there and LOVED the pics..so glad u took pics of the signs too! Sending this off to my hub to enjoy now :)

lcscottage said...


Thanks for sharing!

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