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Friday, August 2, 2013

new thread ~ magnifico!

hi ~  and magnifico friday to you all!

i just ordered this new thread from superior thread company.  it is just gorgeous! and i love quilting with it!!!

this is what superiorthreads.com says about it:
"After many years in development, we now have a polyester thread that has the high sheen of trilobal and the strength of filament polyester. It is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester called Magnifico. Magnifico is unlike any other thread. Here’s why: Magnifico consists of four main strands of thread. Each of these four main strands consist of 48 high strength micro-strands. Two 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set A. Another two sets of 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set B. Then Set A (total 96 micro-strands) and Set B (total 96 micro-strands) are twisted together to make the final product. Magnifico is a thread made of 192 high-sheen, high strength micro-strands. The result is a strong, bright, beautiful 40 wt. thread ideal for quilting and embroidery."

available in 200 colors! {yay!}  i had already begun quilting the feathers, but i used magnifico to finish out the quilting on this tablerunner, applying it in the blue and orange colors as seen below, using another striking piece of hand-dyed fabric.  i do not remember for sure where i got the fabric... but i think i purchased it at the bigfork bay cotton company in bigfork, montana, several years ago when on vacation. 

i kept the thread choices to three colors.  blue, pink, and orange. the pink thread for the initial feather quilting is with  superior's older poly thread, and i think you can tell the difference {although maybe not on a computer screen} but i can tell just looking at the original piece.  these threads definitely have a prettier sheen that reflects light and glows vividly. {love that!}

one of the best things about this beauty?  not once ~ was there any shredding, breaking or fraying of any kind during the quilting of this piece.  and i liked the 'thickness' ~ or as it is sometimes referred to, the "thread presence" of this 40 wt. gorgeous thread.  it performed beautifully for me.  i also used a 90/14 topstitch needle {as always}.

my august special sale is now ON!  MARVELES50 for 50% off any other item{s} with minimum purchase of $100 {only until August 15th!}.  Thanks for stopping in!  joining the in the studio  link up today!  {cmon'... check it out!  and join up, too!}

have a great weekend!  i know i am going to! 


Connie said...

Beautiful stitching and thanks for the info on that thread! I'll have to try it.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your work is amazing. Visiting via in the Studio. Number 4

Southern Gal said...

Your work makes everything look fantastic. I don't know why companies aren't knocking your door down for endorsements.

Claire Cooper said...

It looks Stunning

journeywitholiven said...

MarveLes as usual. I'm going to Festival of Quilts in Uk in a week and want to buy some as well.

Denise Vitola said...

My gosh! This is stunning! How talented you are.

Jen Price said...

Wow! That piece is fabulous! Sounds like amazing thread, too!

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