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Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ Happy Glorious Easter ~

"Arise my love ~ arise ... my love ~ !   The grave no longer has a hold on you!!" {song melody by the group NewSong}

~ Happy Easter ~
He is Risen!  {Indeed!}
Soli Deo Gloria

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Suess & a new watercolor card

hi everyone!

gosh...  what can i say?  i'm always finding a way to doodle somehow... making cards, playing in color, adding texture, lettering, stitching, stamping, and a bit of glitter...
... is just a little slice of art heaven for this girl!

 and then add a bit of dr. suess wisdom and there you have it... fun, whimsy, and a card all wrapped up in one small package!
any chance to put them all together is a super good time for me. what is it you do that gives you a little slice of heaven in your life, or artwork, or doodling? 

speaking of a little slice of {blogger} heaven ~ it's "in the studio" today with studio jru ~ and i'll be linking up, there too, today ~ i encourage you to join up!  it's a great group of artists, and so... so very much more. 

thankful for the blessings ~
and blessings on your weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carving It up ~ Part 3

hello out there ~

here's the last couple stamps i've made over the past month.
this again, is the moo-carve product, as i mentioned in my previous two posts.
a pretty basic design... what i really love is the simplicity of the repetitive effect on top of a gelli printed paper, which was also enhanced with a stencil {margaret applin design at joggles} that has a 'round within a square' shape {can you see it underneath}:
and this is a double-sided, hand carved stamp.  the swirl on one side, the flower on the other, due to the thickness of the moo-carve.  you can order it in a couple different thicknessess.  this is 3/4" thick i believe...
and a heart. {not too sure i like it}
as is with most heart-work... it's a "work in progress" wouldn't you say?  {isn't it always?}


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carving It Up ~ Part 2

hi there ~ so glad you came back!  today is part two... part three tomorrow.

i finally got around to editing more pictures in my adventures to carve my own stamps... again, using moo-carve as my base for carving.  i have to say, too, that i was creatively given a jump start by this lady, nora clemens-gallo and her most creative and amazing carvings!  i 'met' nora through Studio JRU link up for "in the studio fridays" and oh my gosh... check out her blog if you like stamp carving... or just amazing stamps.
i attempted {note the word attempted!} to make this one a 'corner-styled' stamp, as well... like the one i posted on the blog yesterday.
uhm... problem being that i have to concentrate long enough to figure out that corner!  oh well...  love it on the gelli prints, and once again ~ it's all fun in my book!  and... i am ready to do more!!
hope you're having some fun this week too!  appreciate having you stop by for a second or two.  have a great one!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carving It Up Part 1~

Hi there friends,

Recently I've been trying out a new product for stamp carving.  It's called "moo carve." 
 I love the challenge of drawing and carving backwards for words.  Note I said "challenge" ~ I kind of got a little lost on carving out the "l" ... but I still like it!  Funky! {as in fun}. 
 I want to get better at carving words.   The "moo-carve" product is super easy to cut; I do like that.  This is what Dick Blick has to say about it:
"MOO Carve boasts a revolutionary PVC surface that’s softer and safer to use than linoleum — and also latex-free! Use MOO Carve Carving Blocks for stamp carving, printmaking, and any other applications where you'd normally use linoleum. They're a neutral light gray color that's easy to work with, and the thickness allows for deep-carve cutting on either one or both sides of the block.
MOO Carve readily accepts transfer designs, or you can simply draw directly on the surface. It can be cut into smaller pieces without crumbling or breaking apart."
I think it was actually a bit crumbly, not in a major way, but I didn't care for that feel as I was carving; kinda messy to carve, although it prints very nicely.  I also ordered another brand, an Inovart product, called "Eco-Karve" - a red-colored variety and I'm looking forward to trying it out and making a comparison.  In the meantime, here's a few of my prints:

 Time to try it out!  I printed the stamp, making sure the inside corner matched with each printing, and  printed on a base of my gelli-printed paper:
It has a rustic, kinda native indian appeal to me ~ love the whole texture thing happening with the gelli print, and the stamp on top, letting the bright colors pop!  And I love making stamps that repeat in a four-square pattern.  They don't really perfectly match... and that suits me... perfectly!!  Now on to fabric...  this would be a fun pattern to make into a quilted piece. {someday!}


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canvas ~ Rise N Shine ~

hello friends ~  

weird things going on in subscribing to the blog, so i've been told... these computer/google issues are something that i don't completely understand, and i do not know why some of you are not getting my blog in your feed anymore, or that it is not updating... i have tried deleting the gadgets...  feed/follow by email, etc and re-entering them. if anyone out there knows something i don't... let me know, pretty please? and thank you!

onward!  well... i have been hunkered down at work.  that means my normal 8-5 work day turns into 9-10 hours.  it also means not as much 'down' time for me at home, to relax, and unwind.  and i have to say it's not quite so easy as it once seemed ... those many, {younger} years before! 

this is why:  the jury project. processing jury qualification questionnaires.  135,000 of them.  every other year.  it sure seems to come around alot faster than it used to!   even though we 'went online' this year where folks could complete the form online... not too many people jumped at the chance.   so... here's a picture of a 'normal' day now at work, and 'the piles' as i call them.
24 years.  that's how long i've been doing jury qualification in the 27 year-long career at federal court.  it's definitely a challenge reading these {yes we do read each one} and processing the massive amount of paper, as i open each one {with a machine}, organize them, sort, read, process scan and file it all, for each of the five montana divisions of federal court

a sense of humor is a must... some days it can be quite elusive {nasty notes & nasty phone calls from the public}. regardless, we do our best to shine throughout the shadows ~ this is our job as public servants... this is what we do.  

so this year, i picked the theme song ~ from the Partridge Family show so many years ago! {tongue in cheek} Remember it?  "c'mon everybody.. there's a song that we're singing'... cmon get happppy..."  

... so there's my perfect lead-in to this piece!

and that is exactly the gift i received as i paused before entering into the building one early morning.  thank God!  {and that's precisely the point!}
help us.  help us.  help us.
thank you... thank you. thank you.  {all the day long!}

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gelli Printed Greeting Cards ~

hi sweet friends!

i'm so excited to use my gelli prints in a more practical, useful way... greeting cards!  i know it's nothing new, but i just had the best time making them ~

of course, i'm not tired of finding ways to use my stencils, thermofax screens, paints, doodles and scrapbooking embellishments, {and pretty threads!} either.  in fact... i'm becoming much more enamored with all of it!!!  {yikes!}
 i also decided to try a little different method, too.  i made color copies of my original gelli prints.  it turned out great!  that way my originals ... well, stay in my originals?!  and i can embellish them over, and over... trying new styles, writings, and all that fun stuff without using up the original.  at least for awhile, until i can see where or how, i want to go with them {all!}
 some of these are still 'works in progress' and await further doodling but i'm excited about the possibilities that await, and thrilled with the quality of the color copies, too.
i love how i could cut the designs in different ways to create completely different, but original prints.  these are some of my very favorites.  the colors... the designs, the stamps.  the feather stamp is by the fabulous creative artist, alisa burke, by the way. i love feathers! and i really love this bible verse:
 and a thermofax screen print i love ... also one of my all-time favorites ~ as well as the stencil print which is the white feathery look image underneath, both by {margaret applin designer extraordinaire!}
and there's a wonderful freedom in knowing if i mess one up... it's not a big loss... cuz i really love these colors, and the melody of mixed up painty goodness they are to me!!
 and the more i do... the more i wanna do!! 
 i just love the vintage writing in the journal page above.  i found an old law dictionary too, from over 20 years ago... and i can't wait to print on it, too.
fun fun fun! that's all i can really say ... except one more: 
"bring it on!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Journal Page ~ God Uses Small

happy... happpyyyy friday!!!!

a simple page from my journal ~
note:  i read this awhile ago from a blog i subscribe too... jotted it down... but i regret i cannot give credit, as i didn't write down the author or blog name!  [brain too full!}... but is absolutely wonderful, and i loved it... hence it's place in my journal!  thank you to the beautiful author, and their beautiful thoughts.
today.  God uses small.


God uses average.

be encouraged!
  our God is  big.
He uses everything!
joining Studio JRU today.
Feels so good.  Thank you Jennifer.
Blessings on your day, and the next

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Journal # 3 ~ Gelli Covered Sketchbook

Hello sweet friends ~

This is a sketchbook I had purchased quite a while ago, which is hardbound.  And so I thought I would cover it also, using those beautiful gelli printed papers.  The detail photo below is from the front page.  OF course, I have used some black rub-ons, thermofax screens, stencils, doodles, stamps and the ranger perfect pearls paints on this one as well:
 The front cover:
 I've embellished with the perfect pearls paints in blue, and then added a black print from a couple of new stamps I've carved:
  {I do really love the dimensional look of the perfect pearls paint}  Surprise!  {not really, I know!}
 Front inside cover: 
I added some black doodles with my sharpie pen, and another image from a stamp I carved:
 Detail of the back page inside cover:
  I really like this piece of gelli-printed paper --- it's actually my favorite of the four gelli-printed and screened papers I used to cover this journal  which made it's way to the inside of the the back cover:
I don't think I will ever tire of blue and yellow together {it was also my high school's colors}!
And... I will never tire of adding beautiful swirly designs from thermofax screens either!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a good one wherever you are.
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