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Friday, May 31, 2013

faux piping the 'marveles' way ~

hi there everyone ~

finally ~ as promised ~ my faux piping tutorial.  i've been working on the writing all week {written in the fog of a nasty head cold} so let me know if it seems strange in any way?!!   lol! 

this is a step-by-step process of a finishing technique on my smaller art collage-journal quilts.  i call it 'faux piping.'  while i haven't seen it anywhere else, i'm sure it's not a new thing.  i discovered it rather accidentally as i was ironing a small quilt from the back, when i flipped it over, i  saw it looked like 'faux piping' and  i really liked the effect.  

i finally got back to finishing up my first little house quilt over the long weekend, initially posted here, and it's shown below in most of these tutorial photos. i'll show detail photos and share more about the finishing details in another post. 

in the photo below i'm showing the quilt top, and the fabric under it which will become the 'faux piping' ~ that's the green floral print on the bottom. i chose this print because it looks like the kind of sweet feeling & organic background as i see in my own neighborhood when i look down our street.  and i like the color story, too, picking up on the lime green, yellow, and pinks in the main piece, as well as a bit of gray blue in that print. 
 to begin, cut your 'piping' fabric to roughly 1" larger {or not ~ i eyeballed this} on all sides
with right sides together, stitch around the entire perimeter, allowing a 1/4" to 3/8" seam or so.  i judge this according to how i want the outside perimeter to look.  you could make it square, but i find there won't be as much 'piping' to show. the more curvy you cut your outside dimension, the more 'piping' look you will be able to achieve.  this one i kept mostly square, as i felt i suited the piece ... so essentially i approach this process pretty loose... {i know ~ surprise, huh?!}
once i'm done with stitching that part, i cut a large opening in the back... the cut i make goes from top to bottom, and {sometimes} i also cut a couple that are horizontal, depending on how much stretch i'm achieving. of course, i could get more stretch if i cut the backing fabric on the bias, too.  {but i don't usually do that}
i am rather picky about trimming my corners.  this is important in order to achieve a neatly turned corner; one that will look really nice and finished {see below}
then {gently} turn your  fabrics so the right side is out.  my quilt is fairly stiff, due to the interfacing i used to stabilize it for quilting, so i took my time.  a note about batting and stabilizer:  i use a thinner, fused batting on these small quilts, and add a layer or two of stiff interfacing, as well, so they quilt up really easy, and i can add heavy stitching if i decide to later, without fear of puckering or warping the fabric. {and they hang nicely too}
my favorite 'turning' tool is a four-in-one tool, containing a point, a seam ripper, presser and an awl, designed by alex anderson.  i purchased it at my local quilt shop.  i actually have two; the smaller one i've had for 10+ years, works just as well {both shown below}.
take your time!  be careful not to push too hard, or you will push your seam right out of the corner. 
{not to worry about the slash ~ i'll take care of it later}
all done with that step. my corners look just as i like them to look!  neat and tidy.  now it's time to press.
as i press, i'm pressing pretty firmly, pushing the fabric from the backside to the front; essentially stretching it, and widening the slash in the back as i do so. that's why the slash in the back comes in so handy, it essentially provides 'give' so i can push that fabric to the front of the quilt, and the slash will widen in that process:
 i made some extra cuts to the original slash, just to give me a tiny bit more ease in which to push the fabric to the sides of the quilt.  i don't want to trim it all away, as i lose the 'controllability' of the stretch.  {hope that makes sense}. 
 this process will allow more stretch if you have curvy edges cut too.  this piece happens to be cut a bit more 'square.' below, you can see where i pushed the fabric toward the bottom edge ~ so there's just a tiny little bit of 'piping' that's showing. straight of grain {or not} will change this up somewhat.
now i will give everything a really good pressing again, {this is just the opposite of how you would press a normal pieced seam}, pushing and pulling where i want that fabric to show to the front.  then i take it to the machine, and stitch in the ditch of the faux piping-binding. i used a coordinated thread color, and love using my bernina #20D open toe foot.
the photo below shows the stitching in the ditch, completed, and i did this all the way around the quilt. i like how it keeps the whole piece nice and flat.  note: i don't always do this - it just depends on the quilt, & what i might want to still consider adding, in the way of more quilting embellishment, etc. 
 and this is what it looks like from the front top edge:
 and again, just another look at it from a corner view:
in this particular case, next, i trim away the excess fabric {nice for the scrap pile ya know} but i don't always.
and to cover up that gaping hole i use another piece of fabric that has been fused to steam-a-seam; which will act as the final piece of backing fabric, which also adds a bit more stability for hanging it.
after fusing, it's cut to fit the backside more precisely. and then i write the title, date and dimensions, signing it with a permanent marker:
i don't always have a big slash to cover up; sometimes it's smaller, and i cover it up with something like the heart shape below, {done with a margaret applin stencil i might add}:
 and... an amazing thing happened i want to share with you {this is a different quilt now}. i decided to add stitching, after i had sewn on the little plastic ring for hanging... {not smart}.  i was lucky; the needle did not break! amazing.  can you see the needle holes in the plastic ring?!!  wowzers. anyway... the plastic rings i purchase in the window supply section at the fabric store; they are 1/2" size i believe. 
 i usually like to add more quilting after finishing it this way, as it seems i'm better able to judge 'what it needs' at that juncture ~ if anything. and sometimes further inspiration strikes. i'll show some of those details in the next post.  here's how that same technique for faux piping turned out on the post: "she dared to dream" quilt: 
margaret applin tulip stencil used on this piece; accented with paints, and her various flower stencils were used to add more flowers, both fused on, and painted.
i hope you enjoyed my little process. it's pretty doggone easy {or i wouldn't be doing it!}

looking forward to sharing more?  i am!  joining in the studio crowd here!  won't you join in the fun?

thanks so much for stopping in!  happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a placemat series with fabric by Laura Gunn

hi everyone ~

i've been going round and round ~ with some fabric that is.  it's been a favorite of mine for awhile now.  so much so, i've put off doing anything with it. couldn't make a decision, actually.  sound familiar?  well, i decided it was time to dash into that stash.  and i made a serious dent into it, i'm happy to say. and not only that, but i like the results, too.  these are fabrics designed by laura gunn, produced by michael miller.
 i kept the quilting simple and clean to show off the dramatic large flower print in this piece. the threads:  superior's tri-lobal polyester, and ricky tims razzle dazzle {the thicker metallic thread}.
 and added kaffe fasset stripey fabric to the back, which makes them wonderfully reversible, and i like the look of the quilting motif from the back, too. 

finished with my 'go-to' style of finishing the seam binding, stitching in the ditch with my favorite bernina foot, the #39, where i place the metallic thread precisely in the seam, using a very narrow zig zag.  {see my previous posted tutorial here from 1/31/11}  and if you'd like to know what a 'coded' foot {by Bernina} then check out my post on that subject, right here. and if you've read my blog for long... you know i've used this foot so many times... all you need to do is to type in 'bernina #39' in the search box to find the many quilts i've made using this super-easy technique.

i had ordered one yard of each of these fabrics from hawthorne threads.  and one of the reasons i get it from this company, is that i cannot get them in my hometown, and i do love these modern prints.  which is why i decided not to cut them up, and leave their designs 'intact' mostly, in a classic round shape for placemats.  so doggone pretty!

 love the birds!  {i saved a couple for future projects/fusing}

 the red in the picture below is much darker than it should be, but this fabric is a ruby red, with a subtle stripe, and just a hint of orange --- love it with the bird print.
 {i always have trouble photographing reds}
these placemats are a classic 16" round shape. i've cut alot of bias binding!  but it's all good ~ and even better ~ they are listed in my etsy shop! {as well as a few other new things}.

thanks for coming by to visit  ~

Friday, May 24, 2013

gelli printed greeting cards ~ memorial day

hi friends ~

i truly hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start, whatever you may be doing, whoever you may be helping, and in whatever ways we all may be remembering ~ love ~ and sacrifices made for our lives.  

i am particularly grateful for the life of our niece's young girl, 2 year-old 'rina' who was miraculously saved with several other children, by the hand of God as the daycare building she was in was demolished in the tornadoes that ripped through moore, oklahama... but God had them wrapped up in his arms in that tiny little closet that was left untouched. but for God. thank you, Lord. thank you.

and i am very thankful for the sacrifices of so many loved ones who have served this country we love, who protect our freedoms, and lay down their lives for us all, whether in military service, or in all of life.  thank you.

i'm particularly grateful to know a {very tiny} bit about that sacrifice, as my oldest son completed three tours of duty in   iraq.  i cannot imagine what he saw then, how he felt, as he coped, survived, and did his duty for america. while i realize he is only one man of a larger legacy of veterans who have served in times of war, and peace, i am humbled. i am grateful beyond words.  but God. and i thank God he was able to come back to the united states of america.  

thank you for making the sacrifice, for me, for all. 

these were purchased cards, printed on the gelli plate and dried, to which i then screened  using a thermofax screen purchased from margaret applin's shop.  i further embellished them with a stamp, and white ink.  {very fun to do!}  they are now newly listed in my etsy shop!
you are loved! may God help us all to know how much.
in the studio with jen price --- come join us!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

you are loved ~ gelli print

hey all ~ i'm trying a new reader:  it's bloglovin ~ that is ~ if i can figure it out!  {very big sigh}

i can tell you for certain ~ it was like a wonderful spring shower to see that my blog feed is 'coming alive' again and to see 'familiar faces' in the comments!  thank you - thank you.  I've missed you!  golly-gee-whiz... what a challenge to figure all of that out.  i am so grateful to get it figured out. {hopefully it lasts!} 

so here's the cutie-patootie thermofax screen i purchased from terri stegmiller. i played just a tad on top of some of my gelli-printed papers.  {i'm lovin' it so much}!

yes!  yes ~ you are ~  l o v e d !
notice this cute little design, too:
thank you terri!  {i love it!}
i screened the flower design on tissue paper {just real quick on a fast lunch break} and tore the edges and added a little bit of gel medium, and presto.  instant color.  instant fun!  and of course, doodles, washi tape, and yes... that's my hand writing in black pen.  kinda had a good day in the writing department! 
it may or may not be done.  only time will tell!
don't forget ~ you are loved!
soli deo gloria!

Monday, May 20, 2013

new screens and giveaway by terri stegmiller

hi there friends ~ happy monday!
just thought you might want to check out these beautiful new designs from artist terri stegmiller!  {fabulous!}  i have ordered a couple, and have tons of fun playing with ideas with her beautiful graphical styles...

terri was recently gifted a thermofax screens, and has put her design talent to good use, making beautiful new thermofax screens. although she has them listed them in her shop ~ wait ~ there's more! you can visit terri's blog and enter her giveaway - the link is  here!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daisy Quilt Table Topper ~ Finished

hey there everyone ~

i finished this quilted piece awhile ago now; gave it as a wedding gift, and it's was just one of those days where the lighting was just not bright.  {so it goes!}
but that did not dim my joy in creating it, nor in the giving! it was definitely inspired color-wise by this couple's dishes which are from the 'fiesta' dinnerware line!
i used a linoleum block i cut a couple summers ago {above}...  a daisy-themed block i still love alot.  i think i may need to have a printing session with it again {very soon} and renew my love affair with painting, stamping & fabric!
no surprise ~ i went for bright colors to frame it, selecting fun prints from my batik stash, and because of their bright tones, and patterns, the free motion quilting i put on it is quite simple, where the thread blends in, but adds a pretty textural interest to the piece.  my quilting motifs were straight line, cross-hatching, swirls, pebbles, and undulating lines in the petals where i changed out the colors of threads a couple different times as quilted the petals; white for highlighting, and various pinks, as well as variegated turquoise were used.
all set out in patchwork that is deliberately wonky, too.
thanks for stopping in. 

my fingers, heart and mind are itchin' to stitch... and it's time to warm up the 'nina machine ~ very soon, as i have some fabulous new fabric to showcase from the beautiful fabric dyer vicki welsh!

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