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Friday, June 28, 2013

define yourself ~ from my sektchbook

good morning glories!!!

this is one of my favorite journal~watercolor pages... just a lot of bright, bold color laid down this way and that.  i am trying to be more deliberate about leaving white space, and i'm getting {only slightly} better about it.   i used a very large, bold, chisel-tipped black sharpie pen for the initial writing of letters, and outlining them black, raised ink, using the sakura glaze pen, and then doodling silver sparklies with a metallic gelly roll pen in the background of the page. 

it's one of my personal favorites.  and my hope ~ my prayer ~ is that you {beloved} will enjoy it too... 

define yourself radically as one beloved by God.
this is the true self
every other identity is an illusion.
Brennan Manning
Mercy Ministries 

i've committed it to memory.  
i hope you will too ~ know ~ and keep it ~
captured deep in your heart!
soli deo gloria!
joining up with the in the studio crowd here! 
happy happy friday ~ vacation  here i come!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lime Curvalicious

hi there happy summer day and the same to you all ~

and first, i'd like to answer a question from deborah wolff, who left a comment on the "feathering my nest" post i wrote a couple days ago, who asked what kind of thread i used.  deborah, i use {mostly} superior  threads, and the threads on that particular piece were solids, in yellow and pink, which are polyester.  i did use a slightly variegated one, which was also polyester, 'rainbows' from superior!  love them; they are all 40 weight, and i enjoy putting a 50 weight 100% cotton, {masterpiece} for my bobbin thread {also from superior}. i wrote a post on my threadplay and use here {dancing the thread tango!}

i appreciate all those questions ~ hope that helps, and if not, please let me know if you have other questions!  thanks deborah!

recently used the quick cut ruler {QCR} from sew wonderful to make this table runner.  confession:  i bought it last fall, and this is the first time i've used it.  but fun, and challenging it is for my right brain.  it's not always simple math, but it is simply {sew} wonderful! and thankfully they have a wonderful tutorial on their website {see link above}, which I watched several times!!
i chose batik fabrics in lime green and turquoise to test it out.  can you say popular?  trendy?  great color combo?!

as you will see, i put my own twist on it... nothing complicated, heavens no.  so, dear readers, let me know what you think:

and the next thing i want to make using my QCR is this pattern; metro waves.  perfect for summer don't you think? isn't it fun? ... it's on "the list!" 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

gift of finest wheat ~

good morning everyone ~

some of you may know i'm a girl born on the prairie.  montana native. but i'm a blend... and if you were to describe it the way marketing does coffee beans... i'd be a whole bean, {never ground!} and i think it would be called "flathead prairie cherry!"  {well, maybe not?!!}  just havin' some fun with that thought ~

anywho ~ my grandparents homesteaded in montana ~ one set in the mountains on the flathead river in western montana, where the wheat would get to 4-5 feet tall;  the other in the grasslands and prairies of northern montana near the sweetgrass hills.  

i love taking in that green wheat growing in the fields anywhere.  i also appreciate it is very symbolic of so {sow} many things.  hope.  spring.  new life.  harvest.  the plow.  and the cycle comes full circle.  it is a gift.  and a gift ~ of life and livelihood to so many in our state.

these photos were all taken last sunday morning, on our way to highwood.  the early morning sun was just fabulous in that luscious wheat, and so we i had to stop and snap a couple shots...

come rain or shine, hail or hellwater.  
it's a gift.  all of it. 
and i pray we all have a great harvest~! amen.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

feathering my nest ~

hi there oh luscious happy summer days!!!

it's been a little cool weather-wise so far ~ but i'm warmin' up!  and i'm also warming up with a little quilting on my free motion feathers, too.  a little out of practice, and it's time to get tuned up again... {oh how i have missed you ~ feathers} i do adore the look of feathers... especially on hand-dyed fabric ~ {this is what Chris calls a 'double-dye' specially made by Chris Daly of Dye Candy!}  i love the whole cloth look that lets this fabric be the star it is!

these colors are very dramatic and exciting to me!   love it!
the back side:

i noticed my spine stitching was not as nice and smooth as i'd like them to look. and that is my summer goal!  but i do love how this gorgeous piece of fabric turned out quilted in feathers.   
now that's what i call "feathering my nest!"

do you have a specific goal for summertime sewing or quilting?  i want to practice design and feather work on at least two or three of these in different colorways this summer.  

have a wonderful day ~ thanks for stopping in!

Monday, June 24, 2013

late spring in rocky mountain front ~

hi friends ~ happy monday~ !

well, here's the last of our trip into the rocky mountains, and we traveled approximately 12.5 miles on a gravel road, well maintained for the most part!

i always love the contrast of spring green with spring snow ~ that is ~ as long as it's high up on the mountain!
and i love the rustic cross-fence ... it's rather timeless.
and a sign about bear country.  can't help but think:  
"here's your sign!"
although i kind of wonder what 'bear resistant' really means, or how it is interpreted by some? hmmm...
{just a thought!}
and this was the landscape 12.5 miles in; remnants of a  forest fire from several years ago... and those mountains appear to go on forever ~ this is essentially a look into the bob marshall wilderness; a very big BIG area. {over 1 million acres} {we were in the augusta/choteau area to the right}
many years ago, i rode my horse on a camping trip we took through "the bob" with family, led by my uncle; it was a wonderful time.
this road led into the blackleaf canyon area... i was sad that the sun went behind a cloud when we drove by the water... it was amazingly clear and tinted green with the spring runoff.
this is "indian head rock" ~ do you see him?

 here's a group of horses we think belonged to one of the guest ranches in the area.  several of the horses had bells on their halters. it a really pleasant, sweet, tinkling sound.  i assume to not only keep track of the herd, but likely to warn off bears, mountain lions, or other predators.

 these pics were taken in an area of the rocky mountain front designated the "pine butte nature conservancy" and it's stunning beauty is evident.  we looked them up on the internet; it's around $2200 per person, per week to stay and explore, camp, horseback rides, hike, etc.    gorgeous, isn't it?

and this scene below of flowers is one of my all-time favorites {so far!}... love love the purple with the yellow and white with the backdrop and moody skies of the mountains ~ pretty well sums up a perfect spring day.  it was taken near the hiking  access to what is known as "ear mountain."  we gotta get back there after it opens on july 1st.  this late access date allows the wildlife to mother their new babies, and protect the delicate environment, and all that stuff.
and with the day fading, as well as the light, we headed home with a wonderful memory of a landscape we love dearly.  can't wait to go back!!!

thanks for coming along for our montana ride into the rocky mountain front! {loved havin' you!}

have a great week!

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